The Biggest Differences Between Life in the USA vs. Canada

the biggest differences between USA and Canada

When comparing the United States to Canada, you may be surprised by how many similarities they both hold. However, there are some major differences between the nations.

Here are a few ways these countries differ.


One of the biggest differences is the landscape of each nation. While both nations have beautiful landscapes throughout, you are more likely to see that Canada has a huge amount of forests and lakes while the United States has plenty of natural resources like shale gas and oil fields.

Health Care

The biggest difference between life in the USA and Canada is, of course, their systems for health care. In the US, you have to be on an insurance plan to get coverage for anything related to your health, while Canadians have a universal system that covers everyone from newborn babies all the way up until they’re dead.


The taxation system in Canada and the United States is different, but similar.

The Canadian tax system differs slightly from the American one. It includes allowances for different types of income that are not included in U.S taxes. The Canadian tax code includes many credits and deductions that can be claimed on top of your regular salary, which can reduce your taxable income significantly.

A person who is employed in Canada does not pay taxes on their salary or on their cost-of-living allowance, whereas an employee in the United States would only be taxed on their salary and possibly some things like medical insurance paid by their employer. The difference for Canadians means that they don’t have to pay taxes on a lot of things they might otherwise want to or need to buy with their income. 


The education system in the United States is different from Canada in a number of ways. A few of them include salary, funding, public vs private school systems, and availability of educational opportunities.

In Canada, all provinces have a publicly funded school system. In general, Canadian schools are considered more academically rigorous than US schools. In addition to that, Canadian universities have also been ranked among the best in the world for over a decade now.

Canadian students also have access to a variety of higher education opportunities such as community colleges and vocational programs with limited tuition fees.

Which is Best?

Both of these countries have similarities but also pretty significant differences. Depending on what is most important to you in life, you may favor one more than the other.

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