New Career? 6 Jobs Moms Can Train For in 2022

6 Jobs Moms Can Train For in 2022

Have you had enough of taking care of the household? Do you need a change in your life? Maybe it’s time to get a job. If you have kids and little previous work experience, finding a job can be hard.

This is not a reason to give up because there are some jobs that you can become an expert at if you invest bit of time in learning all about them. Below you will find six jobs that are worth training for in 2022.

  1. Voice Actor

Attending voice lessons – you can find free online videos or you can enroll in a voice acting course and attend it either in person or online – and practicing on your own are the first steps in order to become a voice actor. Once you have mastered the theories and you feel ready to enter the field officially, you can upload a demo of you voice acting on, where you can find voice-acting jobs.

  1. Photographer

We all take photos of ourselves and our friends and upload them for everyone to see, but taking professional photos is a lot different – and a lot harder. You need to learn all about light, lenses, angles, and photo editing so that you can take photos that people would pay for. You will find a plethora of YouTube videos that can teach you everything you need to know about photography. All you have to do is create an Instagram account or a website, which can be your portfolio, so people can see your work and hire you.

  1. Video Editor

More and more people become YouTubers and video content creators, leading to an increase to the demand of video editors. If you are a creative person who doesn’t mind spending many hours in front of a computer screen, this is a job worth trying out. There are a couple of free professional video editing software that you can download and myriads of YouTube videos explaining all their functions, making it possible to start your training right now.

  1. Web Designer

An alternative option for creative and tech-savvy moms is working as a web designer. You need to learn how to create websites, to add text and media to web pages, to create and upload graphics, logos and animations. Again you can find a lot of free and premium resources online in order to learn the job. You should practice by creating professional-looking personal or business blogs so that you can have a portfolio of your work ready to show to potential employers.

  1. Social Media Manager

Like photography, having your personal social media accounts does not mean that you know how to manage business social accounts. However, if you do enjoy working on your personal accounts, it means that you’ll probably have fun learning tricks and strategies in order to help a business grow. Follow the social media of successful businesses in order to identify successful marketing techniques and work as a volunteer social media manager so that you get some experience before you start applying for paying positions in this field.

  1. Language Tutor

You can always teach your native language to people who are interested in learning it. It might sound easy, but you should be well-prepared before finding potential students. You should learn theories and strategies of how to teach, and you should also study the syntactic and grammatical rules of your language.

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