Top 5 Female-Dominated Careers

Top 5 Female-Dominated Careers

There is always so much news and press in the media these days about the gender pay gap. It seems that men outnumber women in all professional careers and continually get paid a higher salary. That can’t be the case in all professions, can it?

Thankfully, it’s not. There are a few careers and professions in which women outnumber their male counterparts significantly. In these lines of work, there is one gender running the shop, and that’s us women!

Who runs the world? Girls! That’s especially the case when it comes to these top 5 female-dominated careers.


You might already know that the healthcare sector is a popular industry for women to go into, but did you know that it’s not just human healthcare that is so popular? In fact, the veterinarian industry is also dominated by female workers too. Perhaps this is all to do with the in-built female intuition to be caring and look after those in need. But whatever the reason, next time you need to take your pet to the vet, it’s a good chance she will be a woman!

Child Care

Another fairly obvious career that is dominated by women is child care. Most people who work in this sector, from childminders and nannies, to au pairs and babysitters, will mainly be women. In fact, as it is a very stereotypically female role, a lot of efforts are being made to try and encourage men into this sector so that there is more diversity and so children don’t grow up with gender stereotypes in mind.


One surprising addition to this list is criminologists. But it’s surprisingly true. The majority of people who take an online criminology program and go into working in criminology are female. This might be because the career suits their natural problem-solving skills so well. There are still plenty of men in this career, though, and the difference between the genders isn’t so stark.


You will also find that lots of women are interested in a career in teaching. Even though there are a lot of women in this female-dominated profession, you might find that the traditional gender split is still apparent in certain subjects. For instance, the majority of woodwork and history teachers are male while home economics and English lessons are still mainly taught by women.

Social Work

As the healthcare sector is dominated by women, there is no surprise that this is also the case for the social work industry. Working in social care will give you a fantastic opportunity to help improve your local community by supporting those individuals who are most in need. There are different branches of social work, and you could specialize in working with the likes of elderly people or those who suffer with mental health problems. You will get the chance to specialize once you have qualified.

As you can see then, there are still plenty of industries and sectors that are dominated by women. Do you fancy moving into one of them?

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