Women’s Business: 5 Professions that Can be Successful

Women’s Business - 5 Professions that Can be Successful

All over the globe, women are increasingly shattering the glass ceiling and demonstrating that they have everything it takes to be successful entrepreneurs. From running law firms and marketing departments to careers as complex as engineering and software development, they are now efficiently handling businesses that everyone thought only men could handle. They have also realized that it’s not just the complex career paths that can make the most successful businesses. Women have managed to turn simple talents into the most lucrative trades in the world. Below are some of the businesses in which women have gracefully flourished.

The Importance of Website Design for Your BusinessWeb Development

Things may get a bit technical with developing websites. However, the rapid advancement of technology, particularly the internet, has seen a lot of women learning how to develop sites from online tutorials. With such skills, women can launch their own web development agencies that help companies, as well as individuals, create an online presence. With the tremendous growth of social media and e-commerce, every business wants to have a great website where they can showcase their expertise and sell their products and services. This has made web development to be an on-demand service. Hence, women who offer this service can gain tremendous success considering that the job pays very well.

Interior Decorating and Designing

One of the women’s businesses that have been remarkably nurtured from pure talent to a profession is interior designing. Some women can effectively match patterns and colors and subsequently decorate homes and office spaces, which ultimately allows them to create a career out of it. With a presentable website and good marketing skills, female interior designers can grow their clientele over a short period. For instance, when a prospect visits the homepage of an interior designer’s website, they are able to tell that the owner is an expert in the field and end up hiring them. Interior designing is basically concerned with improving a home, and who can do it better than a woman? Women are often very successful in home improvement businesses for example have a look at Veranda Interiors.


If a woman loves cooking and interestingly presenting food, then why not do business out of it? Women are increasingly flocking to the food industry and operating food courts, restaurants and cafes and becoming very successful. Those who love to bake have started bakeries and flourished at it. The good news is that the business doesn’t need to be a big restaurant; a simple food truck on the streets can fetch a woman plenty of money. With low capital needs, a deli is a business worth venturing into. A good habit that women can adapt to make more money with their deli is offering free delivery services within a certain distance. This way, a client can order from their home or office and have their snack or meal delivered to them without spilling a sweat. It is also not unusual to see women running bar restaurants as well. If a woman is good at mixing different beverages to come up with an amazing cocktail, then why not put that talent to good use by operating a bar?: female mixologists do an excellent job, often better than men.

Beauty Parlor and Spa

Salons, spas and generally beauty parlors are the new ‘it’ in town. Everyone wants a massage, their hair done, nails polished, manicures and pedicures among other beauty services. The good thing about the beauty business is that the services are not limited to females only. Men also enjoy manicures, massages and a good haircut among other splendor services. To be a successful beauty entrepreneur, a woman can include a barber shop thus fully catering for both male and female clients.

Freelance Writing

Many people dismiss this profession thinking or having been told that it is not lucrative. However, it might be shocking to realize that that women who pursue writing as a career may actually be making more than those pursuing other professions. Well, this entirely depends on how they quote prices to their clients. Some will write a 10,000 word eBook and charge as low as $1000 and others as high as $5000. For a woman to make a six figures salary in a year from writing, they need to follow the latter quote. After launching their online writing business and going an extra mile to locate high-end clients for their content, then reaching a six-figure count each year becomes child play. Writing may include blog posts, guidebooks, eBooks, product descriptions and case studies among others.

With the current gender discrimination in the workplace, unequal pay and female under-representation in the boardroom, women face a lot of challenges in the formal sector, making it important to start their own businesses. To be successful in any business, all it takes is familiarity, passion, and determination. It is also imperative to have adverse knowledge in the industry to be able to start and run the business without hassle. Getting a startup to success level takes time and patience, but it is definitely achievable.  

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