How to Step Up Your Professional Look in the Office

How to Step Up Your Professional Look in the Office

It’s the festive season, and that means that many of your are getting ready for your office party. It’s an event that can seem like every woman in the office is trying to out-glamour everyone else. Everyone gets to cut loose a little and dress a little differently to how they do when they’re working. But it can make you realize that you want to be a bit smarter on a daily basis. You don’t want to stick out because you’re dressed to the nines. But you also don’t want everyone to think you’re not making an effort. You might look smart, but there’s always room to add your own style. I’ve come up with some tips to improve your professional image that you can try out now, or when you go back to work after Christmas.

Choose Outfits to Match Your Office Culture

When you get dressed for work, there’s no one dress code for every office. Some are extremely smart, requiring suits for everyone, while others are much more casual. Before you choose your outfits, you should consider how everyone else in the office dresses. Are you a fun and easy-going company, where it’s acceptable to come in wearing jeans? However, that doesn’t mean you should just copy everyone else. Even if you have to wear a suit to work, there’s still room to put your own twist on whatever you wear. Find the balance between conforming and being unique.

Hang Onto Your Youth

Looking young isn’t important to a lot of women, but to others it is. And, unfortunately, life at the office can get harder for women the older they get. If you’re concerned about looking younger, you might think about several methods to achieve a youthful look. For example, some clinics offer thermage treatment for office ladies to tighten loose skin. You might decide to dress in a way that makes you look younger or change your makeup. On the other hand, you don’t want to look too young. Being able to convey an air of authority could benefit you too.

Keep a Kit on Hand

A long day in the office can take its toll, and by mid-morning you could be starting to flag. You felt great when you left home. But already your carefully cultivated look is unraveling. It’s a good idea to keep an emergency collection of items for just this occasion. You can have a hairbrush, lip balm, chewing gum, or whatever keeps you feeling good. Just reach into your bag whenever you need a touchup.

Wear Transformable Outfits

Even if you love your job, you can have boring days. One of the ways to combat the boredom is to have something to look forward to at the end of the day. Choose an outfit that you can transform from office wear to evening clothes. Not only will it give your work clothes a bit more personality, but you’ll be thinking about making your big transformation all day.

Looking great at the office can give you more confidence. And that could help you take your career further. Try these tips to feel more powerful and capable.

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