Client Care – 5 Strategies For Showing Clients How Much You Appreciate Them

Client Care - 5 Strategies For Showing Clients How Much You Appreciate Them

No matter how much time you spend with your regular clients in the workplace, finding the right ways to show them your appreciation can be a challenge. It’s important that you choose a strategy that reflects positively on your brand and is suitable for your client’s particular tastes or industry. To help you make the best decision for your circumstances, here are five popular strategies to consider: 

1. Luxury Corporate Gifts For Major Clients

When it comes to finding a high-quality item that is versatile enough to suit all your clients, nothing beats luxury corporate gifts that are subtly branded with your logo. This can include gifts like:

  • Luxury travel kits
  • High-end homewares like plush blankets and towels
  • High-quality charging devices
  • Bar and wine accessories

These options can be explored further on reliable corporate gift websites. These sites are tailored entirely to this type of gifting experience, so you are bound to find something special. 

2. Personalized Letters 

Sometimes, it’s the simplest gifts that can make the strongest impression. Take some time out of your day to write a personalized letter of commendation for each client and send them well wishes based on the occasion or in general. This could be handwritten for an even more personal touch or sent via email, which could act as a nice surprise, especially at the end of the year. You can include personalized information about how and why you appreciate them and your professional relationship, as well as referencing your future plans or ideas for how you want to further your goals together.

3. Hosting A Thank You Event

Another classic that you can apply your own spin on is hosting an event for your client (or all your clients). This can be as grand or intimate as you like – from an all-inclusive barbeque for clients and their loved ones to a thank-you dinner at a high-end restaurant or a lavish end-of-year party with a generous amount of snacks and drinks. Just make sure to consider the type of event and setting that is suitable for your client base, and always cover everyone’s dietary preferences. 

4. Offering Them A Loyalty Benefit

Everybody loves a discount, even in business. Cafes, retail stores, and beauty parlors that provide loyalty cards and discount offers for repeat customers increase their chances of long-term customer retention. Why can’t the same principle be applied in the corporate world? 

A reasonable discount or trezor promo code on a regular service may be worthwhile, depending on your industry. However, the benefit doesn’t always need to be monetary. Other loyalty benefits you can offer your clients include earlier access to your new products or services, free samples, or prototypes.

5.  The Classic Hamper

A mixed hamper with a personally addressed gift card is a timeless idea, especially if your clients are a team as you can get a larger size that contains enough goodies for everyone. Arrange for a hamper filled with a variety of sweets, savory snacks, deli items, and a bottle or two of wine to be delivered. This style of gift is perfect for seasonal holidays, anniversaries, or corporate milestones. 

For individual hampers delivered to long-term and VIP clients, make sure you cater to their dietary requirements where necessary. After all, you want them to be able to appreciate their gift and think of you fondly rather than with frustration.

Now that you are more familiar with these options, hopefully, you will feel a sense of relief. At the end of the day, remember to do whatever resonates with you and your client’s business relationship – or in simpler terms, go with your heart!

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