7 No-Cost Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Children’s Bedroom

7 No-Cost Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Children's Bedroom

Since children spend most of their time in their bedrooms, it’s important that you create a stimulating environment for your little ones where they can play, daydream, develop their imagination and enhance their cognitive skills. With plenty of creative DIY projects and cost-effective ideas, your children’s bedroom will exude comfort, creativity and style.

1.     Let’s paint!

How can you resist the allure of all those lovely hues like relaxing greens, vast blues, lively yellows and gentle greys? Your options are endless, but you should choose colors appropriate for the room – if it’s too small, brighter shades will help you create an illusion of spaciousness. Since children’s rooms are typically colorful and vibrant, opting for a neutral backdrop will allow you to experiment with bolder hues for accent details, which will create a balanced look.

Let's be artsy2.     Let’s be artsy!

Why not display your children’s artwork in their bedroom and motivate them to continue creating? Small galleries in kids’ rooms have become a popular trend that more and more proud parents are embracing. Not only will it create an interesting and lively look, but it will also personalize your children’s room.

However, there are other ideas that will awaken your children’s creative side. If you have some lovely fabric leftovers, you can transform them into pictures by framing and hanging them on the wall. Another great idea is designing an inspiring wall mural as the focal point of the room.

3.     Let’s pattern up!

Nothing will add depth and character to your children’s room like patterns. If your kids’ room features a monochromatic design, it’s time you add some patterns to make it more fun and lively. For a cohesive and harmonious look, you can use similar patterns or the same colors for different items. For example, if you want to use one type of patterns for pillows and another for curtains, you can link them with color and create a balance.

Let's repurpose4.     Let’s repurpose!

If you’re really on a tight budget and your kids’ room needs several furniture pieces, you should discover the power of repurposing. Apart from being eco-friendly, repurposing your old items is cost-effective and practical solution that will save you a fortune. Your children need a larger closet? You should give your old dresser a makeover by repainting or refinishing it. You have a great idea for a stylish headboard? Give your old doors a new look with a fresh coat of paint and the new headboard is good to go.

5.     Let’s go cozy!

Designing a cozy home doesn’t require a fortune, but only creativity and resourcefulness. The same goes for your kids’ room; you can create an ambiance that exudes comfort and coziness using only what you already have – fabrics. By introducing soft blankets, comfy pillows and fluffy area rugs, you’ll create a deep and warm look that will give your children’s room an inviting vibe.

Let’s storage up6.     Let’s storage up!

Storage is your biggest ally when it comes to children’s room because it will help you tame the chaos. Adding plenty of storage solutions will keep your kids’ room clean and organized and you’ll have an opportunity to teach them to tidy once they’ve finished playing. You can find an old shelf, paint the back in a vibrant hue and place it in your kids’ room. You can also add decorative boxes, baskets and under-the-bed drawers to keep clutter at bay.

7.     Let’s motivate!

Your children’s room is for playing and having fun, as well as for studying, so you should design a room that will motivate your kids to do so. Designing a reading nook will help your children acquire a love for reading and improve their reading skills, while a study space will help them become independent learners. In addition, indoor air quality is crucial for their concentration and general well-being, so you should get rid of all the airborne pollutants by getting the best air purifier available for your kids’ room. This way, you’ll ensure maximum air quality in your children’s bedroom and make it more enjoyable and stimulating.

These simple and affordable yet stylish ideas will help you design a trendy and stimulating room for your little ones where they can develop their skills and boost their imagination.

Author’s Bio: Lana Hawkins is an architecture student and the editor-in-chief of Smooth Decorator.  She enjoys writing about interior decoration and landscaping. Lana is interested in sustainability and green building, and that’s where she gets most of her inspiration from.

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