Big Kids’ Room Color Trends for 2018 and How to Implement Them

Big Kids’ Room Color Trends for 2018 and How to Implement Them

Color plays a vital role in kids’ room design. The wall color is the starting point for the rest of the design, and going too dark or too light can influence the quality of space, as well as the child’s ability to concentrate. When it comes to painting the big kids’ room it is of vital importance that they are included in the process, and that you yourself are acquainted with the latest color trends of 108, because you know they will be opting for one of those.

So in order to help you with the process here are some of the top big kids’ room color trends along with some useful tips on how to implement them.

Eclectic color trendsEclectic color trends

In 2018 one of the trendiest paint colors is black, yes, black. There are some great ways of incorporating this particular color into your kids room so that it looks sophisticated and modern instead of dark and depressing. For example a black and white striped ceiling might just be the one detail that is bound to help you create a stylish and trendy kids room. On the other hand if your child prefers bright and bold colors opting for orange or yellow is also a great choice. However, you will need to make sure that these colors do not take over the space, since they are quite strong. So maybe consider having just one or two walls painted in the bright, eclectic tones and balance that out with some shades of gentle blue or green.

When it comes to the execution of these trends there are several things to consider. Creating a multi-colored ceiling takes time and precision, and if you have high ceilings you should consider getting scaffolding instead of just of pair of ladders, that way you can ensure perfect lines and rested hands at the same time. As for the brightly colored walls, prep is everything, get rid of any darker paint residues on the walls, put the primer first, and make sure you get washable paint, since every little smudge is visible on an orange or yellow wall.

Make the color of the year your main inspiration

If your child wants a truly modern room, then opting for ultra violet, Pantone color of the year, is a must. Considering that this is quite a strong and overwhelming nuance, you need to take into account several things before incorporating it into your kids’ room. Having all the walls done in this tone could be too dark and gloomy, however having just one, as a strong focal point is the perfect solution. On the other hand you can opt for stripes as a solution on how to soften the ultra violet tone, and if you want to say in the same color scheme, consider combining it with soft lavender tones. Contrast this color with bright furniture choices and you will end up with a truly modern big kids’ room.

Get TropicalGet tropical

One more color trend to consider in 2018 are tropical colors, bringing a dash of Bahamas into your kids’ bedroom. Playfulness is key, mixing up and paying with colors. Start by creating geometric forms that include some white, tangerine and light pink nuances, at least one of the walls should contain a playful design. You can balance it out with shades of ocean blue and turquoise, both on walls and furniture. Don’t forget to include some shells in the design, and add gentle light curtains in the mix. This will definitely be a great room for relaxation and learning, and you child is bound to enjoy the tropical color scheme.

There you have it, some of the biggest color trends of 2018 and some simple yet effective ways of incorporating them in your kids’ room. Have fun creating this magical space and let your child lead the way, sometimes they see things that we are unable to, and help us create a beautiful final look.

Author’s Bio: Lana Hawkins is an architecture student and the editor-in-chief of Smooth Decorator.  She enjoys writing about interior decoration and landscaping. Lana is interested in sustainability and green building, and that’s where she gets most of her inspiration from.

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