7 Professional House Cleaning Tips and Tricks That Save Time

7 Professional House Cleaning Tips and Tricks That Save Time

Importance of regular and proper cleaning cannot be emphasized more. Household cleaning is a routine task for us though we adopt different ways to do that. The problem is it takes a lot of time to clean like a pro and if we want to save time, it won’t be excellent cleaning.

Is it possible to save time while still ensuring a pretty clean house? Yes, claim the house cleaning professionals. And you don’t need to hire a cleaning company for that purpose. Here are 7 simple, professional and timesaving tips for household cleaning.

1. Prepare your schedule

The secrets of perfect and professional cleaning can be put down to two words – schedule and strategy. You should prepare a strategy and schedule just like the professionals do. Without a plan, you will end up creating a mess or taking more time. Cleaning is a huge task and could be frustrating if you start without proper planning. Set a timer to clean every rooms and corners. If a timer is set, you will work harder and quicker to complete the task in time. After knowing how long it takes you to clean any particular room, you can always try beating that time next time.

2. Buy the right tools

It is important to invest on the right tools for cleaning. Don’t go with cheap options as these require frequent replacements. Make sure to invest on the tried and tested tools that will be effective and durable. Research on most effective cleaning tools available in the market.

3. Avoid distraction

Staying focused on your cleaning work will ensure faster and neater finishing. If you check emails, talk over phone or do anything else while performing cleaning work, it will take a great deal of time to finish the work. If you feel tired – it’s common – take some rest before resuming work. However, never allow yourself to lose focus as distraction even for a few minutes could result into an unorganized and cluttered work that will easily leave you frustrated. Having distractions will require you to do some tasks twice.

4. Start from the top

Start your cleaning work from the top of the floor and work towards the basement of your house. If you do the opposite, it will take more time for cleaning and also likely to leave everything at sixes and sevens.

5. You don’t have to do all cleaning chores together

Consider making a schedule to clean a specific room of your house on a specific day or date. If you stick to regular cleaning and maintenance, the work will not take a lot of time as some chores can be done every two weeks or even monthly. For example, you should probably do your toilet cleaning every week, but a job like washing the floors or dusting can be every three or four weeks.

6. Don’t try to juggle too many hats

Any attempt to do multitasking could leave everything in a disorderly state. Don’t start another task without completing what you have already started. Doing one task at a time will allow you to save a lot of time.

7. Wipe floors dry

It is important to wipe floors and other surfaces dry. Make sure to dry wooden and metal floors for water spot removal. Furthermore, if you dry the surfaces instead of leaving those for air-dry, it will add to their shine as well as inhibit the growth of bacteria.

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