Busy Lifestyle? Here’s How To Keep On Top Of Housework

Busy Lifestyle? Here's How To Keep On Top Of Housework

Work can really take it out of us at times. So much so, that when we get home we often just want to flop onto the sofa and relax. Spending an evening in front of the TV can be a great way to relax. However, if it becomes a habit, you might not find any time to do all the housework. It could end up being left for the weekend. But who wants to spend their weekend cleaning the house? You’ll have much better things to do, like meet friends and spend time with your family.

If housework gets forgotten, your home can soon show the signs. It can quickly become messy and unclean. This can lead to other problems, such as pest infestations. So whenever possible, it is always good to stay on top of the household chores and work. Finding it tricky to fit everything into your busy lifestyle? Here is how you can keep on top of that all important housework.

Create A Schedule

Sit down for a few minutes and think about all your weekly commitments. Write them down into a weekly schedule, so you can see how your time is split up every day. Obviously, any free time there is should be taken up with relaxing and your hobbies. However, if possible, try and pencil in at least a couple of hours a week for your chores. You won’t have to do every chore each week, so just two hours each week should be enough time. It is also a good idea to plan for a couple extra hours once a month so that you can give your home a very good clean and tidy. Some tasks you will have to carry out each week include hoovering, washing up, and laundry. Some other not-so-important ones like cleaning the oven and washing your windows can be down every fortnight or on a monthly basis. If you plan your time in advance, you will find that you are able to be more productive throughout the week. You will also be giving yourself set times for hobbies and fun activities!

Divide Up Tasks With Your Partner

Your partner shouldn’t get away scot free from all the cleaning! As a joint team, make sure you divide up all the household tasks between yourselves equally. You don’t have to stick to the same ones each week – mix it up every month or so! So, as part of your schedule, make sure you include a cleaning rota. One way you could split chores up is by area. One month, why don’t you take everything that needs to be done inside. And your partner could take care of all the gardening and outdoor work. One of the best things about splitting up chores is that you can both work to your strengths. If you aren’t so good at heavy lifting, then it could be best to save any physical tasks for your partner.

Get The Kids To Help Out

If you can’t manage everything by yourself, enlist the help of your kids! Get them to help you in some of the simpler chores. Obviously, don’t let them do any tasks that could put them in danger or make them clean anything that is very precious or fragile. So don’t let them dust any electrics or some family heirlooms! There is a very good chance that your kids won’t be too impressed with helping out. So you may have to give them an incentive! To get them motivated, offer them pocket money in exchange for their helping out. No matter how old your kids are, you will certainly find something for them to do. Young children can help you sort clean laundry. Older kids can have a bit more responsibility. You can get them to change their own bedsheets and hoover their bedrooms. If you have any pets, put them in charge of cleaning out cages or changing drinking water.

Hire Some Help

If things get too much for you and your family, there is always the option of hiring some extra help. Simply Maid, the professional house cleaners are just one of the many companies out there who can send out cleaners to your home to give you a helping hand. You will be able to book someone for as long as you need them. Anything from an hour to a full day. If you and your family are super busy, then you can just leave the maid to get on with the whole cleaning and tidying. Also, if you have the time or just want to keep costs down, you can have someone come in for just a short while. Hiring a maid will take a lot of the stress away from running a household. And it will also give you more free time to spend with your friends and family. If you ever go on holiday, you could arrange for the maid to continue popping round while you are away. This will make sure your home is nice and clean for when you arrive back. Not only that, though, but it could put off intruders from trying to break into your property.

Clean As You Go

One of the best ways to stay on top of your housework is not to make any mess in the first place! To do this, simply clean up after yourself all the time. You’ll find that cleaning as you go will help to make your homelife much more efficient. Things like washing pots straight after you have used them. And cleaning the kids’ toys once they have finished playing will really make a difference. It is also a good idea to try and teach the kids to tidy up as soon as they are old enough. This way, they will put their own toys away when they are finished playing with them. If you clean up after yourself, you will find that you no longer have to set aside a whole block of time to do all the household chores at once. And this will let you be more flexible with your free time!

Don’t Let Things Build Up

Possibly the best method of preventing your chores and household work from building up is one of the simplest to carry out. Don’t let anything build up! If you let all your tasks build up and become too much, then they will become overwhelming, and you could spend more time than you’d like. One of the key ways to keep on top of cleaning is to break everything down into manageable chunks. Take things step by step so you don’t get stressed out by all the cleaning you need to do. Eventually, you will get through it all and have a nice clean house! You could even surprise yourself at how quick you manage to do it all! Once you have a clean and tidy home, you can then start to tackle all your chores in a much more efficient way. Start by following all the above steps and you will never be stressed out with your housework ever again!


If you do find that cleaning begins to stress you out, there is one very important step to take – simply relax! Chores aren’t worth getting worked up over. So sit down with a cup of tea and tasty snack, and enjoy some chill out time. Once you are calm and relaxed, then you can begin with all the cleaning. If you are cleaning while you are stressed, you will only get more and more angry with yourself. This could create a bad atmosphere at home, and you could easily fall out with your kids or partner.

So if you take some time out to write down a cleaning schedule for yourself and family, cleaning will be easy. You will find that you can effortlessly slip your chores in around all your other much more important tasks. One of the most important things to do now is to talk to your family. If you communicate with your partner and kids that you want to make your life easier for yourself, they will certainly want to help you achieve it. Either by helping with cleaning or creating more time for you on the rota. And if you hire professional help in, your house will be sparkling in no time at all! It’s all about good time management. If you use your time during the week correctly, you won’t have to stress about household chores and cleaning again. You never know, you home may even be the cleanest it has ever been!

Hopefully, this guide has shown you how you can turn all your household work from a nightmare into a quick and easy task. Plus, you should also see that it is actually very easy to juggle chores with a busy work schedule and home life! And you will also have enough time for social dates as well. You will never feel guilty about lounging in front of the TV all night again!

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