7 Smart Ways to Avoid Flu This Fall Season

7 Smart Ways to Avoid Flu This Fall Season

Every fall you get ill and end up in bed for days, even weeks? Don’t let it happen to you this year. Avoid flu by following these seven tips.

Boost your immunityBoost your immunity

If you want to stay healthy this season, you need to keep your body strong and ready to defend itself from all the viruses and germs. Get as much exercise as you can and spend time walking in the fresh air. Stress weakens you, so avoid stressful situations whenever you can. Eat healthy food, cut down on alcohol and quit smoking if you can. Also, it’s very important to get enough rest, so go to bed a bit earlier than usual to get those extra few hours of sleep.

Drink lots of fluids

A hot cup of tea will go a long way in the fall. Plus, you’ll probably enjoy it, since it’s only normal that we enjoy anything warm as the temperature outside drops. Make yourself a cup every hour or so – it will provide your body with the much-needed fluids and it will help keep you warm and relaxed. If you don’t like warm drinks, squeeze some lemons for some strong lemonade with honey instead of sugar or simply drink a lot of water.

Cook Your FoodCook your food

It’s much easier and quicker to make a sandwich than to cook a proper meal, but when it comes to protecting your body, laziness isn’t an option. Boil or steam your vegetables, make stews and soups, and use more spices than you usually do. Eat warm food and store it in thermos bottles or jars if you’re taking your lunch to work.

Take your vitamins

This is always important, but even more so when you’re trying to prevent flu. Vitamin C should be your first concern, and you can find it in fruits, such as citruses, strawberries or tropical fruits (papaya, pineapple and mango are loaded with vitamin C). You can also find it in vegetables, especially in peppers, broccoli, kale or cauliflower. Also, try to eat more food rich in zinc, like spinach, yoghurt, mushrooms or cashews. If you think that’s not enough for you, vitamin supplements like Floradix will definitely do the trick. Last, but not least, garlic will not only help you avoid flu, but it will also lower your blood pressure, which is great if you suffer from hypertension.

Clean your home and your office

Keep your house extra clean during fall and winter. Dust your cabinets, vacuum everything and open your windows every day to get a flow of fresh air. Disinfect your bathroom, throw out your old kitchen sponges, wash your dishcloths more often and keep your sinks extra clean. You should also do your laundry more frequently than usual. Also, keep your office desk clean and don’t forget to wipe your office phone!

Wash Your HandsWash your hands

We all wash our hands regularly, but we need to do it more often during the flu season. There are viruses and germs all around us and we need to get them off of our hands, before we touch our face, especially mouth, nose or eyes. It would be useful to carry a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag for the next couple of months, too.

Stay warm

Although it’s healthy to ventilate your home daily, don’t keep your windows open for too long and always close them during the night. Curtains and carpets will help keep the warmth inside, so buy some if you don’t already have them. Keep warm covers on your bed and sleep in warm and soft pajamas. If you’re leaving the house, wear a jacket that covers your back and a scarf to keep your chest and neck warm.

It’s much easier to stay healthy when you take good care of yourself, so follow these advice and enjoy the season without a runny nose or that nasty cough.

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