Keep Your Family Fighting Fit This Winter

Keep Your Family Fighting Fit This Winter

As the old saying goes, “Health is Wealth,” and this is never during than during the winter, when cold and flu viruses plus other bugs are at their most potent. With young children to think about, keeping your family healthy is a big concern, so here are the most critical areas of your home life to consider when ensuring everyone stays fighting fit:

Keep surfaces and hands spotless

It may be obvious, but most of the viruses that we encounter can be combatted through upping our hygienic practices.Make sure everyone in the household, especially young children, washes their hands before meals, wipe down the kitchen and bathroom surfaces daily with an anti-bacterial spray. Keep a hand-sanitizing gel in several key spots, like in the dining room and car glove boxes. Make good hygiene a habit and germs have less of a chance to take hold.

Stop Allergens in their tracks

Dust, pets, mold and other environmental nasties can be the cause of many allergies and ailments in the home. Often overlooked as they can’t usually be seen, you can form a plan of attack against them by changing bed linen and pillowcases at least once a week and washing in very hot water, vacuuming daily, making sure pets do not go into bedrooms, or putting favorite stuffed animals in the deep freeze overnight. If your family has severe allergies, look into a high-grade HEPA filter, which traps dust mites and similar particles.

Make sure you have the right healthcare

If your preventative measures fail, and someone does get sick, it pays to understand your healthcare coverage. Understanding your eligibility can be essential if a crisis strikes – this article on Medicare vs Medicaid: Everything You Need to Know is an excellent guide to understanding the ins and outs of these programs run by your State and Federal Government.

Stock up the medicine chest

Many ailments can be treated well at home – but making sure you have a fully-stocked cabinet of remedies is vital, as you never know what you may need. Key things to have in at all times are painkillers, cold remedies and decongestants as well as antiseptics sprays, bandages and plasters. If you have family members with health conditions that are impacted badly by common illnesses, it may also be worth looking into vaccinations that are available against the flu.

Sleep Well, Eat Well

To support immune systems, you need to ensure that your family is eating and sleeping right. Fall and winter are the best times to introduce nourishing, healthy soups and stews. Comfort food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Packing a casserole with plenty of fresh vegetables, using whole grain carbs and making simple swaps like sweet potatoes instead of white will all help to support your health. Similarly, try and make sure that the earlier nights mean more sleep. Take a cue from the seasons and snuggle up in bed early, or sleep a little later if you can – extra rest will help ensure you’re fighting fit.

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