Retro Bedroom Design Ideas That Are Back In Fashion

Retro Bedroom Design Ideas That Are Back In Fashion

If there is a room in the house that is more important than the bedroom, it doesn’t spring to mind. A boudoir is a place for rest, relaxation and a little bit of fun if you’re that way inclined. Of course, that means watching TV and eating dinner in bed. Get your minds out of the gutter people! Because this room can impact everything from mood to stress and fatigue, it needs to be the best designed in the home. And, if you’re not a modernist fashionista, it means giving contemporary designs a wide berth.

Here, though, are the retro designs that are making a comeback this year.

Time Warp

“Let’s do the time warp again” is a Rocky Horror Show classic, but it’s also a design trend. As the name suggests, it involves going back in time and using old styles to your advantage. Why on earth would you do this? Well, for starters, fabrics, cloth and textiles are incredibly comfortable. Seen as the room should be cozy, it makes sense to include them in the first place. Don’t forget the mental aspect of interior design, either. A hardwood floor, flowered bed sheets, and retro patterned rugs can take you back to a simpler time, and that is soothing.

Seventies Glamour

Ah, the seventies – what a time to be alive. Not that you were or were remotely close to being born, but it’s still nice to reminisce all the same. Anyway, there’s no need to live through it when you can recreate the theme in your bedroom. All you need to do is think spacious. Start with the bed because a double mattress fit for a giant is a fantastic focal point and looks great on a four-poster bed frame. If you need inspiration, you should checkout ChooseMattress for tips and reviews. Next, focus on clearing clutter. Finally, compliment the high ceilings with big colors such as gold and olive green.

Bohemia Bliss

Nothing says retro better than handcrafted, Bohemian designs. Don’t worry though because there’s no need to create your own. All you have to do is find the pieces which scream handmade and personal. A collection of artwork is always an excellent place to start because there is plenty of variety. For example, rather than a standard picture, you can hang a selection of small murals. Also, don’t be afraid to decorate with hobbies and interests as it denotes character. Just figure out what you love and add it to the room.

Uptown Funk You Up

Funky bedrooms are great if you want a minimalist style. Why? It’s because the right features can be bold without being overbearing. A mirrored wall is a perfect example. Wardrobe doors that go along the wall take up space without adding anything out of the ordinary. Of course, a funky room needs a bit of color, which is where patterns come in handy. Using concentric circles or squares and rectangles with vivid colors can give off the impression that you’re back in the swinging sixties.

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