8 Secrets To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

8 Secrets To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Let’s face it, our bedrooms are never as big as we want them to be. There is never enough space and we just have too many things and nowhere to put them. Everything ends up on the floor and our rooms reflect the insides of a cell. This article will share 8 secrets to make your room feel and look more spacious.

  1. Color

The lighter the color, the larger your room is going to look. Now most people tend to opt for white paint, and whilst this is probably the best color for a small room, it can often make the walls look dull. Instead of white, you can go for fresh pastel colors. Think spring time, and go for lighter shades of pinks, purples and blues. Be careful though, you don’t want to make your room feel like a hospital waiting room!

  1. Mirrors

No, it does not make you more vain – although I can’t walk past a reflective surface without having a peak – oops! Mirrors help to reflect light, so they can contribute to your room looking a lot bigger than it actually is. Try and place them strategically to maximise the light that they will reflect.

  1. Sheer Curtains

These will allow more light into the room and they can really contribute to the airy feel. They can also soften the room, but if you are worried about compromising your privacy, or if you are facing a busy street, you can just opt for a lighter shade of opaque curtains.

  1. Storage

Mess is one of the main culprits of making your room look tiny. Put things away; use baskets and drawers to minimize the amount of things that are on show and keep your window sill clear to maximize the light that comes into the room – although decorations may look pretty on your window sill, they can block light. Aside from plants, move everything else away.

Look for places that you can use for extra storage, for example adding another railing to the bottom half of your wardrobe. Also avoid overcrowding your walls. Take your posters down because they make the room look cluttered. If you really cannot bear to part with them, try sticking them on the insides of your wardrobe.

  1. Lighting

Utilize lamps and spot lights. Identify the darkest corners of the room and direct the lights towards these places. Although it may just be an illusion, you’ll be surprised by how much this can open up your room.

  1. Paint the Ceiling

People often neglect their ceilings but remember that they can also be used as a means of reflecting light, and the more light that you have in the room, the bigger your room is going to look. Adhere to the pale color scheme, and get painting. You may want to ensure that all your furniture is covered — you don’t want paint dripping all over the place!

  1. Divan Bed

Believe it or not, your bed probably takes up a majority of your room when it doesn’t need to. Divan beds have storage space underneath and they are often a slimmer option. They also have a more comfortable mattress and you also have the option of getting a bigger bed than you have now. You may think that this is not very logical, buying a bigger bed to make your room look smaller, but think about it, divan beds have more storage space underneath. The bigger the bed, the more storage space you have.

  1. Wooden Flooring

Carpet can often look very dull, whereas hardwood hickory flooring is very reflective. This can open up the space and it is also much easier to clean. You will appreciate this later. If you do want a little bit of carpet to give the room a more homey feel, you can buy a small rug (adhere to the light color scheme) and place it wherever you like.

This completes the look. Now all you need to do is ensure that you keep things stored away and avoid adding clutter. Yes, it really is that simple. Good luck, and happy decorating!

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