Is Your Bed A Nightmare? Get it Neat & Tidy!

Is Your Bed A Nightmare? Get it Neat & Tidy!

There are a surprising number of people who attempt to make their bed nice and neat every so often and just fail completely. They may not be used to making their bed or they may not know how to do it the right way, and they often give up and make it look as best they can, often hiding their mistakes under a blanket or just leaving the work partway done.

We want to show you how you can make your bed nice and neat each time and get that perfect hotel bed look that makes beds so inviting and clean looking. The folks over at have a lot of experience in this and they suggest that “even if you haven’t washed the sheets in couple weeks, this method will make your bed look far cleaner and neater than normal”.

Start by taking everything off the bed. You can’t work with a bunch of things in the way. That includes the pillows, mattress cover and everything. Then put the mattress cover on and make sure it fits properly. Find the corners and secure them to the point where they tuck under the mattress, so the fitted sheet cannot get free.

Then you can add the bedsheet. You can either grab it by two corners on the same side and let it air out by waving it over the bed once, or you can spread it out manually. Either way, you have to line up the corners correctly and focus on getting the bottom of the sheet to line up with the bottom of the bed. You can leave a little extra sheet the bottom and then just tuck it in to keep the sheet from getting out of place, if you like.

Once you have the bottom of the sheet looking nice and smooth, you can work your way up to the top. Get rid of wrinkles and pull the top of the sheet up to the top of the bed, lining up the corners. At this point, the sheet should cover the entire bed. Now, you want to pull back the top of the sheet to make room for the pillows. Fold the leftover length of sheet down toward the bottom, leaving just enough clear space on the bed for the pillows. Make sure your fold is nice and neat and press out all the wrinkles. The sides of the sheet should line up with the sides of the bed. There may be some overhang on either side of the bed, and you can either tuck that in or even it out to let it hang off the sides.

Then place the pillows nice and neatly at the top of the bed, fluffing them gently to get them to look more inviting. After that, you can add the blanket, if you want one. Just do the same thing you did with the sheet, laying it flat on the bed, fitting the bottom of the blanket to the bottom of the bed and folding back the excess on the top to leave the pillows uncovered.

There are plenting of other techniques at if you’re interested in learning more.

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