Simple Ways to Make a Big Bedroom Feel Cozy

Simple Ways to Make a Big Bedroom Feel Cozy

You wouldn’t think that a bedroom being too large is a very common complaint but if you’ve ever tried to furnish and decorate one, you’ll know that it’s not as great as it sounds. When you’re trying to decorate a small room, you’ve got the problem of making it look bigger than it is, but in a large room you have the opposite problem. If there’s one thing you want a bedroom to be, it’s cozy. That’s easier said than done with a big room but there are some ways that you can do it. If you’re struggling with all of that extra space, here’s what to do about it.

Fill It With A Bed

The biggest piece of furniture in the room is going to be the bed, so it’s your best opportunity to fill up a load of that extra space. Instead of getting a normal double or a queen sized bed, splash out on king beds instead. It’ll eat up some of the surplus space and make the room feel cozier, plus you’ll have a load of extra space in bed which makes it far more comfortable. You can also afford to put a big headboard on there as well without making the room feel cramped like it would in a smaller space. Pulling the bed away from the wall and putting it right in the center of the room is another great tip for filling space.

Darker Colors

Most of the advice on painting bedrooms says you should use brighter colors that open up the room which is good advice, most of the time. But when you’re already struggling to make the room feel a bit smaller, you’re just working against yourself if you paint it in a light pastel shade. You can afford to go for something a little darker like a deep shade of purple or red, and you’ve got more freedom with patterned wallpapers. In a small room, covering every wall in patterned wallpaper can make it feel claustrophobic, but you don’t have that problem in a spacious bedroom so feel free to experiment a bit more. Just remember that if you’re going particularly dark, you need to offset it a little with some good lighting.

Low Hanging Light Fixtures

If you’ve got a high ceiling in a big room, you can sometimes feel like you’re sleeping in a huge banquet hall rather than a bedroom but there’s a simple solution to that. If you use a low hanging light fixture, you can give the impression of bringing that ceiling right down and make the room feel a lot smaller than it is.


Wooden floors are always difficult when you’re trying to make a room feel homely and comfortable and when they’re in a big bedroom, they’re a real issue. You can either put carpet down in the whole room, but if you don’t want to spend all of that money, just use rugs instead. Thick rugs will make the room more comfortable and help with keeping the heat in as well.

You might not think that a big bedroom is something to complain about but it can be hard to make it feel cozy and relaxing in there but these tips can help you achieve that.

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