Tips For Jewelry Photography

Tips For Jewelry Photography

Great photography is one of the essential parts of selling any product. Most people will prefer an item that looks amazing; however, it is not always simple. At times, jewelry photography can be challenging, and it is hard to figure out just what measures to take to enhance your photos.

Here are 5 expert tips for jewelry photography:

1. Set the lighting correctly

A renowned New York jewelry photographer points out that you have two key options to offer the best jewelry photography lighting: smooth vs. sharp lighting. A shadow will appear because of the light cast on jewelry. Sharp lines are a result of natural lighting. It can be attained by taking photos around noon every day when the sun is at its peak point. You can try shooting after 4 P.M or in the early morning for smoother lines.

2. Select the right background

When buyers look at jewelry, the probability is they aren’t too knowledgeable about any specific piece. They opt to check out your item specifically since they are curious as to what it has to give. Don’t use backgrounds, which are too busy and distract the prospect from the main feature. Avoid including lots of background area in any picture. People are not interested in anything else in the picture; they are only shopping for the jewelry. The best jewelry photography tips techniques recommend zooming in on the jewelry to capture every small detail.

3. Don’t take photos before cleaning the jewelry

Fingerprints, grime, or dirt is the last thing people want to see on jewelry. Don’t take any pictures before you clean the jewelry thoroughly. Jewelry photography tips usually focus on the steps to take when taking photos; however, it’s equally essential to prepare the jewelry before capturing the pictures. Ensure the jewelry itself is in perfect condition before positioning it on a surface or placing it inside a lightbox for photographs.

4. Reduce reflections

The jewelry itself can be extremely reflective. Highly polished finishes often emphasize this feature. There’s a risk of capturing mirrored images of ourselves or the background when taking photographs of jewelry. In addition to the jewelry photography tips that emphasize using a lightbox, you can also use a camera with a tripod and a remote timer.

5.  Keep it simple

Keep the background simple and natural. You can use natural materials, such as metal, glass blocks, or wood as photo props. The added intricacy will help emphasize your jewelry’s components and texture. A wooden background will work well on a necklace with bright colored stones since it will emphasize the fine details of the stone. Glass will highlight the sparkle and metal will highlight the jewelry’s metallic characteristics.

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