Luxury Experiences to Try in Anguilla

Luxury Experiences to Try in Anguilla

The charming island Anguilla Island indeed radiates luxury. Filled with friendly people, the Caribbean destination is bustling with tourist activities and extensive luxury experiences to try. Explore the island for exciting local activities amidst peaceful beach settings. Start planning your trip and look for a luxury vacation in Anguilla, right near those powdery smooth white sands and crystal turquoise waters. Nothing could go wrong with this island. Those perennially pristine beaches, swaying palm trees and sublime food, this is indeed a paradise is to follow. You will absolutely love Anguilla. Here is how to enjoy a luxury vacation in Anguilla.

Stay in Style

There are plenty of luxury accommodations in Anguilla. You can pick from any of those private villas and enjoy the best amenities. Get pampered by a full-time staff and enjoy other amenities. Another popular option is Zemi Beach House that comes with a premier spa. The 65-room hotel boasts of a sea-to-table restaurant called Stone and is located on the famous Shoal Bay East. Enjoy your luxurious stay near those crystal-clear waters and wide white beaches. The Four Seasons, situated between Meads Bay and Barnes Bay includes some of Anguilla’s most elite addresses. You can shop at their on-property store Boutique and can be sure that the stuff you get here can’t be found elsewhere on Anguilla.

Enjoying the best cuisine

People come here at Hibernia Restaurant Art Gallery to enjoy French-Asian fusion cuisine. The cuisine is inspired by Southeast Asia and offers dishes like smoked duck with an endive salad. Tom Yam Pla, the fresh Caribbean fish, is another hot favorite. Open-air cafes and bars on the beach are a must to try. Madeariman, a beach shack serves excellent food its yellow curry with fresh grouper is must try. Da’Vida is one of the most upscale restaurants in St. Barts. There are a unique charm and class about the open-air, wooden building that comes with plush cushions and beautiful fixtures.  Tourists and locals come here to enjoy Caribbean potato fish cake; Coconut crusted scallops, blackened Fiji shrimp and garlic infused lamb loin.

For the best golf courses

Get the Caribbean Golf Passport Book that allows you to enjoy significant discounts at world-class resorts and the best golf courses in countries. Enjoy your golfing trip in the Caribbean and seem of the available courses and locations include Tremens Golf Club in Anguilla. You can enjoy golfing at other locations such as The Lucayan and Sandals Emerald Reef in the Bahamas, Tierra del Sol in Aruba, Dorado Del Mar in Puerto Rico and more. It is indeed a great experience and a special one.

Ferry across from St. Maarten to St. Barths

Book your seat in the air-conditioned shade in a comfortable, mono-hull ferry that will take you to St. Barths. Enjoy a high-speed ferry service between the islands. Just soak in the views and scenery around or watch an audio-visual presentation about the islands. Cruise over the turquoise waters to reach the island paradise of St. Barths. You can opt for a same-day roundtrip ticket, or spend a night and come back the next day. The whole trip gives you a luxurious feel and an exceptional experience.


Enjoy a combination of snorkeling and scuba diving, known as Snuba to explore the underwater. Reach to Little Bay after a quick boat ride and navigate the underwater world of fish with ease. You can float through a vibrant reef, surrounded by the marine animals. Venture into submerged wrecks and have a look at the aquatic life that thrives there. Enjoy views from atop and snorkel around the surface. It is indeed a luxurious feel to be amidst the marine life.

Tango Sunset Dinner Cruise

Sail aboard the catamaran Tango to enjoy an incredible view of the setting sun and a great buffet dinner. Later, you can spend the evening dancing at Simpson Bay. It is indeed a princely way to spend an evening and feel at the top of the world.  Find the perfect spot on board to gaze at the setting sun and grab a drink or enjoy some snacks. Once the sun dips down completely, it is time to head back to the lagoon’s calm waters. Depending on the night, you might get a French- or Dutch-inspired Caribbean buffet followed by a desert. Spend the rest of the evening sipping cocktails or moving to the rhythms. You get the feel of being in plush and opulent surroundings.

A private snorkeling adventure

Venture out for the day on a private tour and circle the island of Sint Maarten. Enjoy beautiful ocean views and look forward to incredible snorkeling at Creole Rock. You board the private boat at Simpson Bay and head towards the turquoise Caribbean waters. You pass by the stunning islands of Tintamarre and Pinel as the captain steers you along the eastern coastline. Once you reach the Creole Rock, you enjoy snorkeling in these crystal-clear waters. You will simply get amazed at the sheer variety of tropical fish. You stop at Grand Case for your lunch and are sure to enjoy those local flavors.

There is lot more to do and explore here. There are endless back roads on the island most of which is private. Take a private tour to find the best limestone beaches and rock formations. Reach those rugged parts of the island, beaches, and cliffs that are inaccessible by land. Enjoy customize tours, and look forward to a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

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