7 Ways To Create Space In A Small Apartment While Retaining Its Beauty

7 Ways To Create Space In A Small Apartment While Retaining Its Beauty

Lots of people want to live in a large home, yet find themselves in a small apartment due to circumstances beyond their control. This can actually be a good thing as long as there is enough room for your family. You only imagine a large home would look a lot fancier.

In reality, it’s possible to turn your small apartment into a work of art. All you need to do is take advantage of the space you’ve got. It’s unlikely you’re an interior design fanatic, so let’s look at a few ways you can create a stylish and spacious look you’ll love.

Opening Up Your Apartment

If you don’t live in a big home lots of rooms is actually a bad thing. You’ll feel suffocated all the time, but there is an easy solution. It will involve knocking a wall or two down to open up the apartment.

Don’t worry about the bedrooms because everyone deserves their privacy, but you can open up the living room and kitchen. Refrain from making any plans until you’ve been told which walls can actually be taken down.

Combining Things Together

Have you ever seen those sofas that fold out into a bed? Obviously you don’t have to go to such extremes unless you live in a shoe box, but it’s a perfect example of how you can combine two things together to create space.

The modern equivalent of those sofa beds usually involves buying a piece of furniture that comes with hidden storage space. It could be a sofa in your living room, but coffee tables are definitely more popular.

Aim For A Specific Style

When people shop for furniture they find themselves picking out far too much stuff. This usually happens because they don’t have a specific style in mind. It gives them free reign to chose as many things as they want.

They don’t think about what everything will look like once it comes together. What would happen if you aimed for a Georgian style room? You’d pay more attention to small details and would end up with less stuff.

Take Off Your Cabinet Doors

Everybody always complains about the doors on their cabinets. They’re either falling apart, starting to look their age, or becoming an inconvenience to open all the time. Solve the problem by stripping them off.

There will be things in your cabinets you can have on display and they’ll improve the appearance of your rooms. They were going to be in your cabinets anyway, but at least you can decorate your room without wasting space.

Carefully Design Traffic Paths

Depending on the amount of furniture you have in each room it might be hard to walk around easily. If you tried to walk from the sofa to your kitchen it could involve maneuvering around a few things in order to get there.

You’ve got to acknowledge there needs to be a sense of openness if you want to feel like there is more space, which can be achieved by designing traffic paths. It will never have a negative affect on how your room looks.

Learn To Trick The Mind

You have a few options open to you when it comes to tricking the mind. The most obvious one you’ll see referenced a lot is the use of mirrors. It’s not hard to imagine a room looking bigger if you hang a few well-placed mirrors.

There is one you don’t often hear about, which is to remove any thick drapes from your windows. Even when they’re open they will reduce how much you can see outside and your mind will fool you into believing your room is smaller.

Use Floor-To-Ceiling Shelving

Why does everyone waste nearly half of the space in a room by leaving everything above eye level empty? It’s actually counterproductive because your eyes will be drawn to all the furniture on the floor.

A quick way to deal with this is by adding floor-to-ceiling shelving, which can look surprisingly good. If you have some DIY skills up your sleeves you’ll even be able to build the shelving unit yourself rather easily.

You Don’t Want To Feel Cramped

If you don’t try hard to create lots of space in your apartment you’ll start to feel cramped. At this stage having extremely stylish rooms won’t matter much. You’ll still always crave the space you desperately need, so use these tips and you’ll be sure to get it.

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