What it Takes to Have Perfectly Tanned Skin All Year Long

What it takes to have perfectly tanned skin all year long

Many people cherish the idea of getting their skin tanned but shy away from doing so either due to lack of knowledge or the potential side effects. There is no doubt that a properly done tan can not only make a person look appealing but also give their skin a healthier vibe that’s missing in a pale tone. Maintaining a tan is also quite a task that many individuals fail to do either due to plain carelessness or out of ignorance.

But, building and maintaining an attractive tan can be easy and fun, easy if you follow few simple rules. There are certain advices that can be useful for preserving the perfect color tone for both regular and sensitive skin.

Tips to Maintain the Perfect Tan

Use spray tanning: For those who have neither time nor patience to spend days under the sun, spray tanning is the perfect solution that can give both desired results and at a cost effective price. People with pale skin often resort to this method because it is easier to get done and is available in most salons. Tanning salon owners and dermatologists worked together with Healthybeautyme to select the best spray tan machines which you can use both at-home and professionally.

Tanning treatments are especially useful for people living in countries where there is hardly any sunlight most of the year. If you decide to get a spray tan, it might be a good idea to try to insure your tan is nourished. In case you don’t need to, enjoy the sun healthy way, and always be sure to prevent burns while sunbathing.

But if you if like to lay in the sun here are a couple of advices for you.

TanThrough CamouflageCheck out TanThrough clothing from Cooltan: Did you know you can actually get a tan while wearing comfortable shirts and swimsuits at the same time? Whether you’re at the beach, on a boat, on the golf course, relaxing in the yard, or doing some other outdoor activity, you can get a natural suntan right through the fabric. This allows you to get an “all-over tan” – no tan lines – while wearing lightweight, cool, comfortable clothing!

Prepare for exposure: regardless of your preferred method of planning – be it either by exposing skin to the sun rays or using a tanning bed, preparation is highly necessary. It’s important that you exfoliate your skin properly before hitting the beach otherwise the dead skin cells may make your tan look uneven. A good exfoliation is even more necessary if you have an overly bright and sensitive skin.

Tan all skin layers: if you’re going the natural way, staying three hours under the sun will only give you a 10 of the top layer of your skin. This superficial tanning will fade away in no time, and your skin will regain its original color. To get a more sustainable result, try to plan your tanning sessions that span over 7 to 10 days where your skin is exposed for 2 hours each day. Same goes for tanning beds – plan your sessions over a couple of days instead of getting it all done at once.

Stay away from light afternoon time: The oldest tip related to tanning says that no tanning session should go beyond 12 PM. This is because the sun rays start getting progressively harsh as time goes by, which can damage your skin beyond repair. If you would like to get the most out of your day, begin the session by 9:30 or 10 AM and finish before 12. This practice should give you the ideal skin tone without the adverse side effects involved by constant exposure to UV rays.

Take a mild shower: A trip to the beach is incomplete without a gentle and relaxing shower after coming back home. Taking a long shower can be especially beneficial after you’re done with your tanning session because it heals the minor bruises caused by the sun rays. Also, a cold shower opens up the pores of your skin, which allows absorption of additional nutrients that provide perfect nourishment. Now you can take long showers without the guilt of wasting time.

Hydration and patience: Wait! What has hydration has to do with having patience? Well, as we all know, healthy skin is a skin that is properly hydrated. And to maintain the proper levels of hydration, you must use a specialized moisturizer and make a point to drink plenty of water every day. A tan that’s worth having will take the time to build up, and you must have the patience to nourish and nurture your skin for the perfect results.

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