8 Natural Remedies For Insomnia

8 Natural Remedies For Insomnia

As much as 40 percent of all adults in the world have some form of insomnia. The number might even be higher than this because there is not readily available data on this condition from most third world countries. It might not be a life-threatening condition, but it is annoying, to say the least.

After a busy day at work you just feel like resting so that your body can recover but if you keep on turning in bed instead of sleeping this can take a toll on you both physically and mentally. However, there are many natural remedies for insomnia that you can try at home without any professional help and below are eight of the most useful ones.

Valerian#1 Valerian

Valerian is one of the most trusted sleep aids by herbalists across the world, and this has been so for hundreds of years. Whether you have it as a tea or supplement, it can be very useful when dealing with insomnia. It is perfect for people that have a hard time falling asleep because research proves that it can shorten sleep latency. If you also have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night, it can also help you. The best thing about it is that it has no side effects as it is natural. You can combine it with other herbs such as hops to increase its effectiveness.

#2 Melatonin

Melatonin is that particular hormone in your body that controls sleep. Although it is available in the body, you can still supplement it to deal with insomnia. You can get it from vegetables and fruits, but in most cases, it is in minuscule amounts that cannot make a significant difference. However, there are natural or herbal melatonin supplements available as over-the-counter medications whose popularity has been on the rise in the past years. However, to get the best from melatonin, you have to keep the doses low because research shows that they work better than high ones. Taking high dosages can lead to toxicity and in some case also causes nervousness and make your insomnia worse.

yoga & meditation#3 Yoga and Meditation

Gentle yoga can also be a natural remedy for insomnia, and a high percentage of people that practice it do not have any trouble sleeping at all. Easy yoga stretches before bed will help relax your muscles, and so you will have an easier time falling asleep. The fact that the exercises are tiring means that your body will want to have some rest after the yoga. Meditation is also useful as a sleep aid although science is not able to explain the reason behind this or how it helps. But, most experts believe that meditation sends some signals to the brain telling it that it is okay to relax and this, in turn, makes it easy to fall asleep.

California Poppy#4 California Poppy

You might not know about California Poppy if you do not live in the USA but it is an excellent remedy for insomnia, and so it might provide you with the solution to your sleep problems. This herb is present in different herbal remedies sold in the USA, and its effectiveness comes from the fact that it is relaxing and it also eases mild anxiety. It has mild analgesic and sedative properties making it also safe for use by children. Clinical trials over the years prove that it improves sleep latency and also the sleep quality.

#5 St. John’s Wort

Most people will dismiss St. John’s Wort for a worthless weed but what they do not know is that it might hold the secrets to treating their insomnia. It has a yellow flower and a weedy appearance but is very popular in Europe as a sleep remedy and also in the treatment of mental illnesses such as depression.

Its use dates back to the ancient Greek society where it was a cure for several ailments. However, recent research findings prove that it can help deal with mild depression and chronic insomnia. With all its many benefits it has one major flaw, and that is the fact that it can make your skin sensitive, and so if you are taking a full dose, you should avoid exposing your body to direct sunlight.

#6 Calcium and Magnesium

Calcium and magnesium are natural sleep boosters, and this is the reason why you will find at least one of the two compounds in most sleeping pills. However, if you combine and take them as a natural supplement, they will be more useful. When taking them as supplements, you should be keen with the dosage. If you take too much calcium, you will increase your risk of getting heart problems while magnesium can cause diarrhea if you take too much of it. But, if you get the dosage right they do not have any side effects, and they are very useful in fighting insomnia.

#7 Hops

The female hops flower that most beer manufacturers use to flavor their beers has an impressive calming effect. These properties are also what you can be sure of benefiting from if you take hops as a supplement or use it to make your herbal bedtime tea. For many years, the hops flower has been a reliable sedative for treating anxiety and insomnia. If you make it as an herbal tea and add a little honey, it will taste amazing and so you will not only deal with insomnia but also drink something that is soothing before bed.

green tea#8 Green Tea

The list of the health benefits that you get from green tea is always growing, and you can also add remedy for insomnia to that list. Green tea contains L-theanine an amino acid that will help you maintain a calm alertness during the day but what most people do not know is that it can also help you get deep sleep at night. However, for maximum results, you should take regular green tea during the day and take the decaffeinated one in the afternoon

You do not have to rely on addictive sleeping pills to cure insomnia because there are many natural remedies for insomnia with the eight above being among the most effective. Try them today and start the journey to ensure that you always get a restful sleep each night.

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