A Shoestring Budget Vacation

A Shoestring Budget Vacation

Ok, so summer travel is coming to a close in the United States and Europe pretty soon, far east countries are going through their rainy season at the minute, and if you head to Mexico or the US, you might get swept away by a hurricane. It’s a good time of year for Europe though, and there are plenty of luxurious locations that you’ll be able to visit. But, is luxury really what you can afford? If you’re going for something really last minute, then we would wager a guess that you’re trying to be spontaneous, and you might not have the most money saved like you usually would for a holiday. But, there are ways of getting your holiday fix on a shoestring budget, and that’s what we want to try and steer you towards. Here’s how you can do it nice and cheap!

Consider Camping

So, if you haven’t considered doing a camping holiday before, then we think we know why. If you’re used to hopping on a plane and going to somewhere a little more luxurious, with your all inclusive hotels, then camping might not appeal to you. But, if you go to a really nice campsite, in an area of complete beauty, you might find that the showering facilities are perfect. It’s not all about roughing it, you can go for a little luxury with camping, believe it or not! You can view here plenty of camping equipment, which will show you that the cost of a little camping adventure is going to be nothing compared to the holiday you’ve probably got in mind at the minute. Some of the locations that you can set up shop in are absolutely stunning as well. Beachfront locations with amazing views, or campsites tucked away in forests for a little bit of privacy. If you really want to go shoestring, this is your best option!

Don’t Go Through Tour Operators

So, we won’t name names, but every tour operator that you would usually go for is ripping you off in a way. They add a nice fee to the base price of the holiday to make their commission. They often charge prices so high, but people pay it because it’s simple to book. However, if you were to everything independently, or use websites such as Expedia, then you’ll find a much cheaper deal, we promise. Play around with airlines, flight times, airports, and your destination, and we know you’ll find a deal that will help your shoestring budget!

Reduce The Number Of Activities You Do

If you’re someone who loves going on holiday to do all of the activities you can cram in, then it might be worth toning it down just a little bit. If did an activity every other day, you’ll cut the costs of your spending money by half. If you insist on doing something nearly every day, then make sure you’re finding the best deals, and at least looking for something that’s free to do! Spending money takes up a big chunk of a holiday, so finding ways to save in this area is so important!

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