5 Organizational Tasks You Need to Stop Putting Off

5 Organizational Tasks You Need to Stop Putting Off


Not all of us enjoy organizing things – such tasks can often be time-consuming and may involve making some tough decisions. However, procrastinating could be causing the chaos to build up, making these tasks even more difficult when you finally get around to sorting them. Here are just 5 organizational tasks that you need to stop putting off.

Decluttering your wardrobe

Is your wardrobe in desperate need of some decluttering? This could be the first organizational task worth tackling. Start considering clothes you really aren’t going to wear again that you may be clinging onto out of sentimental value or in the hope that you’ll slim down and being able to fit into them. You can try and use the coat hanger method to help determine which clothes you should get rid of. This involves facing all your hangers in one direction – every time you wear an item of clothing, turn the hanger around when putting it back in your wardrobe. After 6 months you’ll be able to tell which clothing you wear and which clothing you don’t simply by the direction of the hangers.

Clearing out the loft/garage

Lofts and garages are popular zones for hoarding items we don’t need. Before the clutter builds up even more so, consider a major clear-out! Renting a skip, or dumpster, from a waste management service, could help give you an incentive to throw out items in your home. You may also be able to sell certain items rather than throwing them away.

Removing digital clutter

Many of us have a lot of clutter on our computers such as unused programs, disorganized documents and potentially masses of unopened emails. Make it your mission to organize this digital clutter. You can download programs such as Revo Uninstaller to help remove software. Meanwhile you may want to come up with a filing system and email opening routine to keep on top of these clutter traps.

Getting your finances in order

If your finances are a bit disorderly, you may want to spend a day sorting these all out. This could include closing accounts you don’t need and cancelling unused cards and potentially working on consolidating your debts and bills. You may even want to switch accounts and refinance debts – these reviews by the Motley Fool can help you choose the best savings accounts and debt management options. You could even hire a financial advisor to help you.

Organizing time for your personal goals

Organizing time to chase personal goals could be the most important organization task of them all. Too many people put off goals such as losing weight, starting a business or studying because they claim to not have the time. Start scheduling hours in your week for these personal goals – you can find the time even if it means organizing babysitters or getting up earlier in the mornings.

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