Staging Your Home: De-Personalize And De-Clutter

Staging Your Home: De-Personalize And De-Clutter

If you are struggling to sell your home, ask yourself the following two questions…

  • Does my home contain a significant degree of clutter?
  • Do I have personal items, such as family photographs and awards, on show?

If you answered “yes” to either, then you have found the reason why you can’t sell your home!

cull your clutterClutter and personalization are two elements that make it extremely difficult for the potential buyer to picture living in your property. They can’t connect with the house, which is why you aren’t getting any offers!

Clutter distracts from your property. From coats in the hallway to jars and tea towels in the kitchen – tidy it all neatly away! If it does not add to the presentation of your home, it does not need to be on show. It will make your room look smaller!

When it comes to personalized items, you may be proud of your son’s football awards or the photographs of your niece’s wedding, but these items do nothing to sell your house. How can a buyer imagine living there when they see your stamp everywhere they turn? You wouldn’t have someone else’s personal photos in your home, would you?

Take on each room at a time and get rid of everything personal and everything that is mere clutter. The difference will be astounding.

Would you buy a home that was covered in clutter and painted in neon colors? Here are some quick and effective final staging tips to help your home sell…

  • Keep pets out of the home during the viewing – It doesn’t matter whether your viewers are pet lovers or haters, you still need to keep your animals out of the home. Pet haters will be scared or irritated, or both! Pet lovers will be more interested in your fluffy friend than your home.
  • Paint rooms in a neutral color – You may love bright pink, but not everyone wants to live in a Barbie World! Yet, where everyone does want to live is in a relaxing home, which is why neutral shades are great. Neutral does not mean boring, nor does it mean everything has to be magnolia! Plus, you can add color with your finishing touches. Wool rugs are a good option because you can choose from many colors and patterns and, at the same time, you add a homely and cozy touch.
  • Make sure the exterior of your home looks beautiful – This is going to be the first thing buyers notice. Make sure the garden is neat and tidy. Repaint your front door if necessary. Add some fresh flowers to the garden.
  • Install bright lights – There is nothing worse than a home that is poorly lit. It can make it feel drab, dark and uninspiring. Make sure the lights are bright without being too harsh.

If you are trying to sell your home, it is important to get rid of any clutter and to take the personal items away so that people can imagine themselves living there. Take note of this and use the staging tips provided to get started.

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