Less Is More – How This Phrase Can Change Your Life

Less is More

It seems that humans have spent the past couple of centuries building a maximalist society that hoards, consumes, collects, and just generally aims to overdo everything, going by the philosophy of „more is more“.  In the 18th century it was Rococo (for those who could afford it, of course) and today it is our consumerist culture that’s so omnipresent in all aspects of our lives to the point that you have to apply a lot of effort if you want to avoid it just partially. But things are definitely heading for a change! And it’s no coincidence that it’s happening now, in the 21st century, considering that it’s about time that we got sick of the maximalist culture on a societal level, what with the environmental impact we created and the realization that this „more is more“ attitude has not really made us content. Here are some examples of how, indeed, less is more and how embracing minimalism in your daily life can make you happier, calmer, and more focused on the real priorities in life.

Appreciating your time

You’ll find that the less time you have, the more you actually appreciate the free time you get and try to use every second of it to enjoy yourself completely or do something constructive. It also means that busy people tend to prioritize their goals and tasks. By taking on fewer projects, whether professional or personal (such as learning a new skill or language), you give yourself more space to focus on each one entirely and substantially invest your energy. That being said, we’re not suggesting you take on fewer projects or tasks in general, just to space them out neatly so that your attention is less scattered.

Quality over quantity

The idea of choosing quality over quantity resonates quite well with the „Less is more“ philosophy. It’s been proven by many individuals that having a smaller amount of possessions, but of greater quality, indeed pays off. The best example for this is buying clothes and shoes – it’s better to have a smaller number of quality pieces than a closet full of things that get destroyed after being washed or worn a couple of times. It also makes you more careful when choosing your apparel, so you truly appreciate your things and each one fits your style. In the end, you save a lot of money.

Les is MoreMinimalist homes

Lately, minimalism is getting all the attention in interior design and everybody is loving it. That’s because it looks sleek and stylish, it suggests spaces should be full of light, and we feel calmed and comforted by its clean lines and simple geometry. Try bringing some changes into your home that apply the principles of minimalist design. The first and foremost step is to de-clutter it and get rid of all the unnecessary details that are overwhelming the space as well as your mind, and see if you can give something away in the process. Look for junk removal services that come to your house to pick up your unwanted things and you will find some companies that make it their responsibility to recycle, reuse or pass on to charities anything that is still usable. Once you have cleansed your living space of all the unnecessary things, you’ll find yourself much more relaxed and content.

Less eating

This one is pretty straightforward, but to avoid confusion – we’re not suggesting you should be malnourished for a healthier life. When eating food that is high in protein and healthy fats, you get full easily and actually eat a smaller amount than you would when eating empty calories. Also, overeating seems like a good idea at the beginning of a delicious meal, but the feeling afterwards is truly terrible. Remember that this holiday season.

Physical exercises can be minimalist too

Some of us have learned the hard way not to overdo it at the gym (the hard way being painful injuries). People who practice things like yoga or Pilates are a great example of how less is more. During these activities, you’re not huffing and puffing and sweating, and the exercises are not straining when compared to something like lifting weights. Yet, they are very efficient in shaping your body and making you strong. If you’re not really a fan of sweating at the gym, it’s quite understandable, so find an activity that has this „less is more“ approach.

Having said all this, a very important thing comes to mind as the cherry on top of the minimalist cake. The holidays are closing in on us, and since a lot of people feel swamped and overwhelmed by them, it’s the right time to be repeating the mantra – Less is… (yeah, you said it). Remind yourself of it when decorating your home, buying presents, and especially if you’re going to be cooking up some New Year’s resolutions. It happens all too often that we take on too much, aiming to start with everything in January, and then at least a half of the goals don’t get accomplished. So focus, give your mind some space and let minimalism lead you to accomplishments.

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