Organization Revelations: Five Places to Address in 2019

Organization Revelations Five Places to Address in 2019

Being organized is so important. As adults, we need to be independent and manage our time and lives effectively, so if you’re forever missing appointments, losing things or running around like a headless chicken then something needs to change! Here are five areas of your life to get organized in the new year.

Your Car

When you’re in your car a lot, it’s easy for it to accumulate with mess. Drinks cups, papers, bags and receipts, before you know it it’s like you’re driving around in a skip on wheels! Take the time to throw away all of the mess. Give it a vacuum, and you could even run it through the car wash. Make sure you have essentials in the car too- a spare phone charger, a bag of change for car parks, and a couple of items in case you break down.

5 Organizational Tasks You Need to Stop Putting OffYour Home

Research has shown that a messy home contributes to stress levels, and can even disrupt sleep. Our home is our ‘base’- our retreat from the world, it needs to be place that we feel relaxed and peaceful. If yours is filled with clutter and junk, spend a day going through everything. If you don’t have transport or the time to get to a rubbish dump, use a company like Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal to tackle the job for you. With all of the mess out of the way, you can go about organizing everything you have decided to keep. Find storage systems that work for you, and give everywhere a deep clean. Hire a carpet cleaner to breath new life into carpets and rugs, wash cushion covers and curtains and give everywhere a good scrub and clean. You’ll feel so much better for it, and it will be easy to keep your home tidy going forward.

Your Desk

Your desk is where most of your work gets done, so it needs to be a space that’s tidy and enables you to be productive. Go through the drawer and throw away anything you don’t need. If you’re forever dealing with clutter, find some new systems to organise things. It could be a shelf above the desk or some wall mounted pots. Give everything a thorough clean, including the keyboard and mouse that can get filthy!

Your Handbag

As a woman (or a man that likes to carry a bag) you’ll know that your handbag is an excellent tool. It allows you to have all of the things you might need with you, but when you’re out and about. However, they’re also prone to generating clutter and so a regular clear-out is necessary. Along with your phone, purse and keys, good handbag essentials are an umbrella, mints, a notebook, tissues, a pen and whatever else you find yourself needing day to day.

Your Calendar and Contacts

When was the last time you went through your contacts? If you have people you haven’t spoken to in years, it could be an opportunity to remove them from your phone. These days, we always have social media to stay in touch if needed. Update your calendar with important dates to come during the year, and set reminders beforehand too. That way, you’ll never miss an appointment.

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