Getting Your Body Back In Shape After Pregnancy

Getting Your Body Back In Shape After Pregnancy

Every new mom probably feels as if her body just isn’t the same after nine months of being pregnant. You’ve basically been eating for two and have inevitably put some “baby-fat” on. Realistically, you won’t see results straight away, and this is perfectly fine! Before making serious health decisions, always consult a doctor. Whether you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle as soon as you can or slowly incorporate it into your new life, here are a few tips to help you decide.

Gentle exercising

Remember, most women’s bodies aren’t ready for serious exercise after pregnancy and doctors advise you wait until six weeks after giving birth to do so. The worst thing you can do is try hard too soon – this causes more damage and may cause more problems. Allow your body to recuperate and once the six weeks have passed, start doing some gentle exercise such as yoga and jogging. Running with your baby in a jogging stroller can be a lot of fun, and a double stroller for toddlers will help you burn off the pounds. Also, sex is a wonderful form of exercise and rekindles the desire between you and your partner.

Food for thought

Think carefully about the right foods you should be eating. There are loads of guides and blogs which are dedicated to providing women with the facts they need about healthy eating. Eating healthier food and drinking better drinks is the first step to getting your body back on form. From swapping cheese to a low-fat option, choosing to eat a juicy apple over a chocolate bar, make small, manageable changes to your diet.

Get plenty of rest

Looking after a child can be exhausting, especially just after giving birth. The best time to sleep is when your baby is. It might feel strange at first, but this way, you can be sure that your energy levels are high. Resting not only makes you happier, but it helps you with craving less food and gives you a boost of stamina to exercise right. Believe it or not, breastfeeding can be a huge toll on your body. Calcium is an essential nutrient for a postpartum woman, and it’s leached away from the effects of pregnancy as well as breastfeeding. Check out AlgaeCal reviews on Supplement Police for a supplement. Of course, talk to your doctor first before making any health decisions.

Spend time with other mothers

You may already have a big group of family members or friends helping you, but you might also need reassurance from mothers too. If you don’t know many people who are parents, consider joining a moms group. A woman who is raising her second or third child may have loads of advice for you in regards to getting your slim body back. Not only will you get expert advice, but you’ll feel great in socializing with women who’ve gone through the same experiences as you.

Whatever you do, take it easy

For the sake of your mental well being and those around you (including your baby), make sure you relax and take everything one step at a time. Rushing back to your normal routine too soon may have serious impacts, and it’s just not worth it. You’re a fragile human being, not a robot!

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