Healthy Lifestyle and Full-time Work: How to Make It Work

Healthy Lifestyle and Full-time Work - How to Make It Work

The workplace today is very exhausting and challenging for the majority of people. Long office hours, stress, deadlines, and a number of responsibilities pile on as time progresses, making it increasingly difficult to be content and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, since us ladies generally don’t give up so easily, we are still striving to look and feel our best by keeping a certain balance and staying healthy. Know that you are not alone in your efforts and follow some basic guidelines to help you in your quest for a healthy lifestyle:

Getting that beauty sleep1.     Getting that beauty sleep

First and foremost. In desperate attempts to manage hectic schedules, people have convinced themselves that they can get by with very little sleep, but the truth is that not getting enough shut-eye takes its toll sooner or later. Simply, humans need their sleep to avoid burnout and physical degradation, as it is a time when our organism resets and important processes take place, such as the regulation of hormones and pathways that affect our weight in the long run.

And yes, you guessed it – you need the good old 7 to 8 hours. Maybe you want to jam just a bit more time into your day, but you’re most likely exhausted anyway, so set a time when you should go to bed and turn off all electronics an hour prior to that. Dim the lights and make the hour before going to bed the time to slowly get ready and relax by reading a book, drinking tea, meditating, etc. The quality of your sleep will also significantly improve and you will simply cherish this little ritual.

Eating Right2.     Eating right

Of course, it’s incredibly difficult when you are overwhelmed with work. But because it is crucial to your health, start by promising an hour to yourself at lunchtime. Promise to never eat at your desk – you need to get outside, breathe some fresh air and wind down a bit so that you can chew your food slowly, which is very important (but most people forget it).

If you can, make an appointment with a professional nutritionist to work out an affordable and manageable diet plan for your lifestyle – it will definitely pay off. If you enjoy cooking but don’t have time for it, don’t worry about dinner over weekdays, but rather reserve Sunday nights for cooking meals that can last all week, and pack them to work also.

3. Getting motivated to exercise3.     Getting motivated to exercise

You know already that you need to exercise to stay healthy, but you’re not doing it, and you see people who are equally busy as you but still manage to exercise a couple of hours each week. So, what’s the issue? Our minds work in strange ways when it comes to motivation, and for things like being active, it’s not enough to just have the promise of feeling good if you work out – you want to look and feel good during the very process.

As fitness gear experts at MetasAthletic claim, what you wear during your workout can actually have a motivational effect on your performance. Simply put – it helps you get into it. So put on those yoga pants, super comfy shoes and some good workout music to get you pumped. Choose an activity you like and try out different things to see what’s best for you, and it is very likely that you will discover some form of activity that you can’t live without anymore.

Maybe you hate the gym, and that’s fine – there’s plenty of other options. If you’ve played a certain sport earlier in your life, perhaps it would feel good to get back into it – ask around and chances are, there is an amateur team in your city with people who are, just like you, only trying to be more active and enjoy themselves while they’re at it. Organize activities with your friends, like hiking on weekends or going for a run. If you enjoy what you’re doing, plus have good company for it, you won’t even notice that you’re working out.

Juggling between work and a healthy lifestyle has never been more difficult, but it definitely can be done successfully. You’re already a hard worker, so this time, apply a small portion of the effort you put in the workplace to introduce some changes to your life that will be crucial to your health. The whole process will become enjoyable to you as you settle into it and reap the fruits of your labor. Love yourself, and know that you deserve to feel calm, fresh and rested.

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