Women Bosses More Understanding of Work-Life Balance

A study on workers’ attitudes toward bosses found that women bosses tend to be more tolerant of employees doing personal chores during work hours than male managers, reports the DailyMail of London.

The research, commissioned by Vodafone, was conducted on approximately 1,000 bosses, and found that rather than berating staff for paying bills at their desks or shopping online, women are more likely to appreciate the fact employees have to maintain a work-life balance.

By contrast, male bosses are more likely to get upset and call out staff members they spot visiting Facebook, Twitter, or shopping websites, or overhearing them making personal calls.

Although some women in the working world have long been maligned for being “bitchy” and “ruthless”, research indicated a much more pleasant working environment for employees with female bosses.

According to the study, women bosses are more likely to take an individual’s the personal situation into account when it comes to managing and reprimanding their staff. Furthermore, women were revealed to be more likely than their male counterparts to be aware of, and sympathetic to, problems people may be having in their personal life.

Male bosses are more inclined to tell employees off for letting home life get in the way of work, and admitted to having to do so on a daily basis.

Seven out of 10 women bosses surveyed said they think the 9-5 is slowly dying out and that more flexible work-hours is the way forward for the benefit of their company and for their staff.

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