Everyone Knows Bitcoin, But What is Litecoin and Dash?

Trade Dash and Litecoin in the Bitcoin Flip app

While Bitcoin has enjoyed the spotlight during the year, there are other cryptocurrencies that have been overlooked but has done tremendously well this year too. Litecoin is one of those that has been a hidden gem as well soaring to record high in November to over $90. It was trading at $4 in January this year and this at time high price symbolizes a rally of more than 2000%.

Trade Dash and Litecoin in Bitcoin Flip app

With more interest heading towards these two sleeping giants, jump onto their crypto train and start trading them. Both Dash and Litecoin are available in the free Bitcoin Flip Trading Simulator. (available for iOS, Android)

Buying any of those cryptos with the virtual currency provided by the Bitcoin Flip app is just by the press of a button. Monitoring your profits and losses is so easy as the graph tracks your earnings after your purchase. There are other cryptocurrency such as Ethereum and Monero for trading so this gives you more ways to grow your earnings. You can also head to the leaderboards to see what you stand among the world and even your friends or within the country instead.

What is Dash?What is Dash?

Dash is used to make instant payments online or in stores. Dash is usable on the Shakepay app which is a visa prepaid card and dash will be converted to either USD or euros which allows users to spend anytime they want.

Dash: Tremendous growth in 2017

From 2014 to the end of 2016, the price of Dash has generally stayed below $10. In 2017, Dash had a big outburst. On January 1st, 2017, Dash was at $11.

Dash tremendous growth in 2017Dash passed $200 by mid-June …

As November 27, 2017, one Dash is worth over $600!!!

What’s next for Dash?

The rise in Dash’s price has been extraordinary. Whether or not Dash can continue its amazing run is another question. Many investors are positive that it can cross the $500 mark.

Dash developers are aiming to make cryptocurrency extremely easy to use for consumers. They are working on Dash Evolution, a new cryptocurrency, that’s expected to include:

  • Integrations with web stores or apps.
  • Easy payments along the lines of PayPal and Google Wallet.
  • Usernames to make it simple to send transactions.
  • Recurring payments.
  • The option to clear your transaction history.

Dash Evolution is predicted to be released in late 2017 or early 2018.

What is Litecoin?What is Litecoin?

Litecoin has 4 times more supply than Bitcoin and Litecoin transactions take about two minutes compared to 100 minutes for bitcoin. Litecoin creator Charlie Lee sees Litecoin more viable for payments while bitcoin is more of a store of value.

Why trade it?

Litecoin is certainly a whole lot cheaper to invest and its transactions cost way less than bitcoin. Bitcoin is certainly ahead currently due to its earlier adoption and integration into global systems but Litecoin has many advantages that might cause retailers and banks to use Litecoin instead in the long run. If Bitcoin trips over a few major obstacles, such as the ongoing and much-debated scalability challenges then major commercial brands, in a bid to accelerate their own corporate growth and expansion plans could turn to Litecoin as a viable alternative.

The potential in cryptocurrencies can be clearly seen in these two examples and they are both still growing as well. The cryptomarket is fairly small compared to the other financial markets. The years to come will get increasingly interesting for cryptocurrencies. Keep a close watch on these two and the cryptomarket in general!

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