Setting Perspectives Right: Health Can Look Cool Too

Setting Perspectives Right: Health Can Look Cool Too

When we think of living a fit and healthy lifestyle, we often think of sculpted bodies, wondrous abs and sleek leg muscles. While this is a very shallow perspective of health in that it doesn’t take in the whole industry, it can still deter ‘ normal people’ from beginning a health kick. They’re sure that even with those bodies, looking like a Greek God or Goddess will be impossible. For that reason, the trend loses its lustre outside of those who are motivated to get it.

For those in another category of the health spectrum, such as those who are so into health they almost become hippy-fied, more people can turn off from living that way. It only takes one visit to a health food store to see a flannel wearing, dreadlocked smell of cannabis wafting through the aisles. These negative and shallow stereotypes often make health and fitness look uncool to those who are looking for reasons not to partake.

We’re here to tell you that no matter who you are, looking healthy and fit will increase how good you look, no matter who you are. Whether you’re enacting small lifestyle changes such as switching from cigarettes to Vapor Vanity equipment, or you’re hoping to lose a dramatic amount of weight before the summer season, the following perspectives should help motivate you on a course of positive life choice, and look damn good doing it.


When you’re fit and healthy, you’re much more than only physically fit and healthy. You are, for the most part, mentally healthy too. This self-respect you command will express itself in many ways. From a more clear, loud and able speech pattern and tone to a better posture, you will seriously conduct yourself in a way which speaks of composure.

This is magnetizing to people who see it, and you won’t have needed to purchase more fashionable clothing or a sweet new car to gain that advantage. When your standing increases, your relationship, your career and your general satisfaction increases too. As long as you have that root in self-care, this is yours for the taking.

Filling Clothes Better

Of course, when you start filling out your clothes better, or becoming shapely enough to fit into the clothes you want, you will rock any outfit with charm. Not only does this frame help you feel comfortable and able to express yourself, but thanks to you working on your insecurities, you won’t have the natural and difficult hiding mechanisms which many people develop over time.

You Don’t Need To Be Flashy

Many people think that if you’re to have any success in the fitness world, you need to wear thin Lycra outfits, or throw barbells around in a CrossFit class, while wearing fancy CrossFit shoes. The truth is, to get fit and healthy you don’t need all the extra gadgets. You simply need to work towards your goals using the basic equipment of a sport. If you run, you only need a good pair of running shoes. This humble fitness is the best way to naturally work on yourself, and avoid plenty of the common money pits of the fitness aesthetic lifestyle that people fall into.

No matter who you are, these small tidbits of advice could help you get started, even when initially worried about the way you look.

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