Why YouTube Channels Are on a Low

Why YouTube Channels Are On A Low

YouTube is a wonderful website in which to create and show off your talents and skills, and make things for people to enjoy. The best part about it is that it’s completely free to use, and subscribing to a YouTube marketing influencer you admire or whose content you enjoy costs us nothing than a click of the mouse. Yet, there’s a lot of downsides too, and they’ve been in the media a lot recently. So, let’s explore a few of these and offer some food for thought on why things are the way they are. You could even use these tips to make your own channel better!

Attention Grabbing Makes Up about 80% of Content

So we want people to notice us, and it’s the sole reason we put things online for people to see and use, but on the other hand a lot of bad habits exist online. Whilst people often get into these habits just to try and get noticed by more and more people, it’s the continuing use of them that lowers the value of a lot of videos on the web. YouTube is no different when it comes to this!

Almost everyone is selling their own merch for fans to snap up, and whilst that can be a great medium to appreciate your fans from, it’s often a hit and miss program. Some merch just isn’t worth the money, and considering a large part of the YouTube demographic is younger kids, a lot of it they can’t actually afford! Similarly, people often find it annoying when creators tend to remind their viewers of the subscription button just below the video within the first 10 seconds, and then they crow about the like button even before the video has ended. This ends up working against them.

So if you’re the kind of person who would want to create wearable pieces for people who like to show off themselves in, make sure they’re involved pieces with good designs. Often, if you have popular references that people enjoy, put it on a t-shirt! Listen to the people you’re marketing to, which YouTube allows creators to do more than any other platform, and use this to good effect.

There’s Often Not Enough Variety

Let’s take the example of YouTube gamers to properly demonstrate this. Many YouTubers like to game for a living, and that indeed makes it easier for other people invested in video games to choose the consoles and programs that would be right for then, and whether something is worth the price. However, there’s often not enough to choose from when it comes to finding a game away from the mainstream, and one that isn’t in a sponsorship deal. As a result, we get very little coverage across the board, and a lot of well deserving titles away from the triple AAA industry get left in the dirt.

Of course people need money to live at the end of the day, so they can’t be blamed for picking up these kinds of contracts. However, every other video shouldn’t be this kind of content! Delving into different niches, such as PC games or mobile apps would give the platform a lot more accessibility, as these are the most common and most affordable kinds of games. Say if a gamer took it upon themselves to show off a way to rule the realm in Final Fantasy 15 A New Empire, it could open up a better discussion of ways to do it differently and would get people interested in trying it for themselves.

Clickbait Can Get Boring

The entire web has a sense of clickbait about it, as often enough originality can run thin due to the amount of ideas out there. Once again this is a technique to get videos noticed, and whilst it can be funny from time to time when used ironically, almost every video has a clickbait title. It’s frustrating, and just means creators are lying to people, and get attention they rarely deserve.

More and more honest people are making an effort to avoid this, and these are usually the creative people on the platform. If you want to try and keep out of this habit, or you just need some ideas on what you can do as an alternative, keep an eye out for titles that are lowercase, with no question marks loaded onto the end of them, and have an artistic thumbnail to them.

There’s plenty of ways to create, make it worth your while!

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