The Elderly & the World Wide Web [Infographic]

The Elderly & the World Wide Web

While seniors don’t have the same level of Internet adoption as millennials, recent studies have shown that elderly people are more connected now than ever before.

More than 70% of Internet users aged 65+ now use the World Wide Web (WWW) daily. Furthermore, Baby Boomers (people born between 1946 and 1964) spend roughly 27 hours online every week – that’s roughly four hours a day!

Some senior groups that are highly educated, especially the younger ones, report owning and using multiple Internet-capable devices. Interestingly enough, a vast majority of seniors, around 75% of them, use the WWW to communicate with friends and family members. That said, older web users are often the ones most easily tricked by online scams. So, Internet safety for seniors is something to be aware of.

Our friends at have created the infographic, below, that will help you understand the seniors’ relationship with digital technology, and more specifically, their relationship with the Internet.

You may also find this study from Pew research related to senior citizens‘ use of technology interesting.

The Elderly and the WWW infographic

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