Picking a Safe and Comfortable Baby’s Car Seat for a Road Trip

Picking a Safe and Comfortable Baby's Car Seat for a Road Trip

What Is Important About Car Seats?

When thinking of children and road safety, you need to be completely comfortable with any purchase that will help you. The Britax Pinnacle and Britax Frontier have very similar features. There are more similarities than differences. Road safety, however, is so important and you need to make sure that the baby on board is just as safe as the adult. When picking a car seat there are features and reasons why you would prefer certain cars seats. It is important the baby is not only safe but comfortable.

Car Seats Britax PinnacleBritax Pinnacle Features

The first feature that I think is quite important is there is a head rest at the top of the seat, so if the child falls asleep their head will be protected. There is an armrest on both sides too, which is handy for comfort and extra safety. The straps are simple, but can be made as tight as needed. The seat is very well cushioned for extra support and comfort.

Britax Frontier Features

As said earlier the features in both seats are very similar. Something I have noticed about the seat is that it is slightly harder at the front causing a little more discomfort. Also on this seat, the headrest sticks out further. Now, this could be seen as a good or bad feature.

I generally would say it is good though as there is less room for the child’s head to move around and especially if they fall asleep when the head is slightly more protected. The front of the seat is slightly harder on this seat. This is good for safety reasons, but not so nice for the child as it can make the seat slightly uncomfortable. But, the seat has other features just like the pinnacle that makes it a very good chair to use.

The buckle is very safe, it’s strong and can be used as tight as necessary. Also, the back is very padded out making it strong and comfortable.

Why Are These Seats Important?

How Car Seats WorkThere are reasons why seats were brought in for children. They need to be up high due to the safety buckle not being around their neck. This is one of the main reasons for them, however, it is also important for a child’s head and neck to be safe as they don’t have as much control as adults.

Lastly, children need more comfort in general as long journeys can be stressful on a child.

Why Is Child Safety On The Important?

It is obvious to an adult that there are always accidents on the road, unfortunately, sometimes they are unavoidable. Children have a naive unawareness of such a fact and it is our job to be the support their needs and put their safety first.

A car accident can be very fatal to any of the passengers seated in the car, but with safety measures put into place, there is a better chance of keeping yourself safe.

Picking The Right Car Seat

It can get frustrating when you have so many choices when shopping for a certain product. There are so many choices and some choices, like these two car seats that are so similar that you really can’t make a perfect choice. The best way to make your own personal choice is to think about as a parent what the most important factor is for your child.

Are you looking for their safety or comfort? Do you go on long journeys a lot? You need to think of these things before deciding between these two seats as much as they are similar, safety wins it with the Britax Pinnacle and comfort with the Britax Frontier. It is all your choice, but always remember a child’s safety is important.

Car Seats Britax Pinnacle

Why Car Seats Were Invented?

It is easy to say the main reason is a child’s safety. We look at the seats from an adult perspective in a totally different way when it comes to comfort. We hold our bodies different to a child so what is comfortable to us might not be to a baby or toddler. The invention has helped support and keep children safe and it is always important to use one when driving with a baby in your car.

Why Pick The Britax?

This seat combines features of safety and comfort. Its main role is to be a comfortable chair. As I have already stated some would refer a chair for comfort as you may go on a lot of long journeys and it is extremely important your child feels good. It is not nice for a baby or toddler to be in a confined space for a long period of time without the support. So, if you wish your child’s comfort to go first, this car seat will probably be more to yours and your child’s taste.

Why Pick The Frontier?

This is the seat that is built for safety. Now, those that take shorter journeys are actually at a higher likelihood of crashing. So, if this is you, it is probably important to put your child’s safety first, and of course, this chair is cushioned for comfort. However, certain features are built in to protect the child from problems such as whiplash. The best chair for a short journey driver is the frontier for these reasons. The chair has a very sturdy safety belt, and it is adjustable. There is a shield for their head and there are armrests for them to hold onto. All these features make this a very safe chair.

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