Awesome Things To Do on Vacation in Switzerland

Awesome Things To Do on Vacation in Switzerland

Switzerland is a breathtaking country. It is home to gorgeous lakes, cute little towns, stunning mountains and picturesque churches and monuments. Of course, I can’t forget to mention the rolling green ‘Sound of Music’-Esque hills. It needs to be on everyone’s bucket list! The locals are nice and friendly, the food is divine and do I even need to mention the chocolate?

It is known as being a little bit on the expensive side. Planned and budgeted for properly, there is no reason that you can’t go and spend exactly what you would on any other vacation. Here are my tips for helping you plan a trip to Switzerland.

Book Travel Early

Flights to Switzerland are reasonably priced. What you might find more expensive is travel when you are in the country. If you don’t fancy hiring a car, the best option is to travel around by train. It is well priced at the best of times but even cheaper if you book in advance.


There are so many marked hiking trails in Switzerland. If you quite like the idea of multi-day treks, then there are plenty of them available. You could even camp in different areas each night if you are looking to visit on a budget. There are plenty of day hikes, though, if staying in a luxury Swiss hotel is more you thing.


Geneva isn’t the largest city in Switzerland, but it is certainly worth a visit. It has the large Lake Geneva which is stunning at any time of the year. In warmer months you can paddleboard on it which is a great thing to do in this landlocked country. Geneva is also great for museums if you are visiting in colder months and want to be indoors. There is great shopping and a lot of good restaurants.


Bern is the capital of Switzerland so as a result, should be on the to-do list. You can visit the parliament buildings and splash in pavement water fountains in summer. In winter, there is often an ice rink set up so you can enjoy some ‘snow’ without being out skiing in the Alps. As well as lots of great shops and restaurants, it has a lovely little old town area. It is so picturesque, and you will just want to walk around it all day.


Normally you hear the words picturesque when describing Switzerland, rather than hipster or trendy. Zurich is fast becoming that way with a funk art and music scene and lots of independent boutique shops. So if this is more your style of city, then add it to the list.


Switzerland has some of the best skiing resorts and slopes in the world. It isn’t hard to imagine why, with a setting as gorgeous as the Alps. So if you are visiting in colder months, it is a must. The views are stunning, and if you book ahead, lessons and ski hire can be quite reasonable.

Enjoy your vacation in Switzerland!

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