Unique Ways to Travel This Year

Unique Ways to Travel This Year

If you have started the new year with a holiday in mind, then you might be wondering how to shake things up this year. It can be all too easy to find yourself going on the same kind of vacation year after year. You might even notice that you have been to the same old locations more than enough times. So what are some of the ways that you can make holidaying more attractive? Luckily, there are a considerable amount of different approaches you can take towards holidaying. It doesn’t have to be the same old thing. If you are looking for something to put the excitement back in vacationing, then have a look at these top ideas for holidaying in 2016.


If you own your house, then house-swapping might be the dream holiday option you have never even considered. There are lots of websites out there which offer house-swapping services. It is a simple, straightforward process. All you need to do is set up an advertisement and hope that somebody takes you up on your offer. The exciting thing about house-swapping is that you don’t know where in the world you could potentially end up. But the biggest boon of this scheme has to be that you earn money while you are on holiday. This way, you’re sure to have enough spending money.


For the kind at heart, there is always the possibility of volunteering abroad. Volunteering can be a fantastic way to get your dose of sun in while giving a little something back to the community you are visiting. Most of the time, volunteer centres provide you with somewhere to stay and food to eat, so this can also be one of the cheaper ways to travel. If you are planning to go travelling for an extended period, even better. Such places will usually be happy to set you up for as long as you are willing to be a volunteer. The options are so varied, too, that you can’t possibly get bored. From animal shelters to planting trees, there is something for everyone.

Vacation Home

For an inexpensive alternative to the traditional hotel route, why not consider renting out a vacation home? Vacation rentals are an excellent way to holiday in style, but without breaking the bank. The main benefit of renting out a home is that they usually come equipped with all the essentials which you just don’t see in hotels. This way of travelling is similar to a house-swap, but with a little added style.


For the more adventurous out there, hitchhiking might be the way to travel in 2016. Hitchhiking is a fantastic opportunity to get around a country cheaply while meeting people from all walk of life. Go in a group of at least three for the sake of safety, but don’t be overly cautious. The whole fun of hitchhiking is just to go for it! If you have never traveled this way before, give it a go – you will be pleasantly surprised at just how fun it can be.

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