Backache? It Could Be Your Lifestyle

Backache? It Could Be Your Lifestyle

We’re often told that backache is just a part of being human. We evolved from apes too quickly – or so the story goes. But is there any truth to these claims?

While it’s true that backache might have something to do with our genetics, the real reasons why it’s so bad and why it affects more than four out of five people have to do with our lifestyle.

According to Chiropractic Care – Dr Ann Miller – the human body is a complex system of interlocking functions. If some of these functions are impaired, it can have knock-on effects on the rest of the body. For instance, something as seemingly unrelated as poor nutrition – like stuffing your face with bucket after bucket of KFC every night – can lead to back problems.

Recently, scientists have done an investigation into the lifestyle causes of back pain. Here’s what they found.

Sitting Too Still

If you’ve ever done a manual job, you’ll have sat through videos showing you how to keep your back healthy. But did you know that sitting too still can also wreak havoc with your back? Probably not.

According to Tim Hutchful, a Chiropractor and Ergonomic Consultant at London Road Chiropractic Clinic in England, people who have desk jobs actually tend to have worse back pain that people who spend all day lifting heavy objects. If anything, back injury training should focus on office workers and not blue collar workers.

There is a fix, though. Hutchful says that people should get up and walk around for a couple of minutes for every hour they spend sat at their desk. This helps gets the muscles moving in their normal way and returns the body to its active state.


Sneezing is an evolutionary mechanism designed to expel bacteria and other junk that could cause us harm. But sneezing is so violent it can actually cause damage to our backs. Sneezes release mucus from the nose at more than 100 mph. When we’re around other people, it’s polite to turn away. But experts say that sneezing with a twisted back is a really bad idea, thanks to the internal forces it places on the spine. Next time you feel the urge to sneeze, try to remain straight so that you don’t damage your back.

Your Bra

Research suggests that around 80 percent of women wear a bra that doesn’t fit. When bras don’t fit properly, it can lead to hunching and sore back muscles which can then lead to problems.

The solution is to get your bras fitted by a bra fitter. You’ll find trained professionals in most department stores.


Stress does all sorts of weird things to your body. But one of the most obvious things it does is cause all your muscles to tense up. Tight muscles, especially in the rhomboid muscles between your shoulder blades, are a leading cause of back pain. If you’re stressed, your muscles are more likely to become knotted. Your body will also release the hormone, cortisol, which worsens inflammation and can trigger pain in some muscles.

The latest research says that the best way to relax is to do light physical exercises, like walking or yoga.

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