How a Chiropractor Can Help You

How a Chiropractor Can Help You

Chiropractic medicine studies disorders of the nervous and musculoskeletal system and the effects they have on a human body. Many are those who are unaware of the fact that most chiropractors have board certification and postgraduate training in areas like neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics, physical rehabilitation, sports medicine, as well as acupuncture. Taking all of this into consideration, it is evident that a chiropractor can help treat a number of problems and symptoms, and the following provides a list of medical issues you can turn to your chiropractor for.

Pain in your lower back

Lower-back pain represents the cornerstone of a chiropractor’s job. They are able to manipulate the sacroiliac joint which links your lowest part of the spine with the pelvis. Causes of this type of discomfort are commonly unknown, however, people who opt for a regular chiropractor sessions claim they can feel its benefits. Furthermore, if you are looking to remove scar tissue from muscles and relive from pain, you can look for a chiropractor who is certified in the Active Release Technique.

Pain in the neck

With proper spine manipulation, a professional chiropractor in Perth Australia will be able to ease aches and pain you feel in your neck. According to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, this technique proved to be much more effective than any medication patients are normally prescribed for neck pain. Also, by doing movement assessments, a physician can detect whether the pain stems from the shoulders, or some other part of your body. By locating the source and correcting the root of the issue, a chiropractor will relieve symptoms.


In cases when upper back pain and neck pain are to blame for a headache, you can turn to your chiropractor, as they will loosen up your muscles using massage with manipulation. Although a more detailed research has to be conducted in order to determine whether a chiropractor care can completely eliminate migraines and chronic headaches, in certain cases, people reported feeling better after the therapy.

High blood pressure

At the University of Chicago, a study was conducted during which 50 people who suffered from high blood pressure and misaligned vertebra in their neck experienced a drop in their blood pressure after a chiropractic session. According to them, this drop was equal to taking two medicines for the treatment of blood pressure at once. Nevertheless, further research is needed to support these claims, meaning that for now, a trip to a chiropractor should not become a complete substitute for your medications for high blood pressure.

Issues with digestion

Note that the nerves in your abdominal and chest region of the spine are in connection with digestion. In more than 60% of cases, people who suffered from a chronic abdominal pain showed evidence of a problem in the area between their spinal bones. Aside from these spinal issues, there are a number of other which can be the cause of your stomach problems, and they can be treated by a licensed chiropractor. For instance, if the thoracic vertebrae shows to be out of alignment, these nerves will send erratic impulses to your stomach, which can ultimately cause problems like gas, bloating, even heartburn.

Pain experienced during pregnancy

As any mother out there, no pregnancy can pass without occasional pains in the lower back. For this reason, a number of pregnant women have regular appointments with their chiropractor. Even though there aren’t many researches on the topic, there are studies which proved a chiropractic care can reduce pain levels during labour. Alternatives are surgery or pain medication, but these can potentially affect the fetus.

Joint dysfunction

If you feel like your joints are stiff and you find it rather difficult to move, you are likely to be experiencing joint dysfunction which is in most cases caused by improper posture, imbalance in your muscles, injury, as well as over- or under- use of your joints. In addition to these issues, you might even struggle with issues through the entire body, as it will be trying to compensate for the area. Your chiropractor can perform custom adjustments and will ease muscle and joint pain, restoring mobility.


This one probably surprised you the most, but aside from the traditional medication for arthritis, a chiropractor can prove to be a better solution in the long run. As it commonly occurs in your hips, knees, wrists and other major joints, a proper alignment in your body can take the pressure of your nervous system, increasing movement in the joints, as a result relieving you from pain. Unlike many other treatment methods which focus on only specific arthritis areas, chiropractic care takes a more general look at your body, trying to determine how one area affects the rest of your body.


Regardless of the medical reason, a chiropractor should be well informed with your medical history, as well as your ongoing medical conditions, surgical history and medications you are currently taking. Only after taking all of this into consideration will they be able to successfully treat the medical problem you are struggling with.

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