Naked Women Using Their Bodies in Protest

There is a commonly held belief that the difference between nude and naked women is nude women express a pure look, the look that every human being portrays when she or he first come into the world. A woman that is seen as being naked delivers a much different message to society. This becomes quite true when naked women position themselves to use their naked bodies as a form of political expression.

The decade of the sixties and the hippie era saw many naked women using their bodies to deliver a powerful message of what they viewed as injustices performed by an oppressive government. Fifty years later the authorities that people are protesting against may have changed but the methods of protest have not. The art of stripping off the clothes can still be a tool that women use to deliver a message. Naked women are protesting just as heavily today as they did in the sixties.

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One of the more visible groups that utilize naked women as a tool of protest is the FEMEN group in the Ukraine. The group is based in Kiev and was founded back in 2008. Originally FEMEN organized topless protests against sex tourists and international marriage agencies but has broadened its agenda and now engages in protests against all types of sexism against women. These women are more than willing to take risks to deliver their message and willingly pose for cameras to increase the amount of publicity they receive.

Police officers and other authorities are at a visible disadvantage when dealing with naked women that are protesting the injustices critical to their cause. These naked women may be causing a disturbance by being naked in public, but since they are at a disadvantage in terms of defending themselves the police are viewed as being the bad guys for either arresting them or forcing them to disperse. Images of naked women being escorted away by the authorities allows for the ladies to appear to be the victims, creating more support for their cause.

However, too much exposure could wreak havoc on the plans of these naked women. As long as a protest sticks to the specific message the protest could continue to create an impact. Once a protest is given too much exposure in the media the message could begin to lose momentum as more people simply focus on beautiful naked women and forget what it was they were protesting. Time will tell if naked women protesting sexism and other causes remain relevant or if the general public begins to view these naked women simply as ladies flaunting their sexuality for the sole purpose of shock.

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