Best Beginner Golf Advice For Women

Best Beginner Golf Advice For Women
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There are few things more uplifting and invigorating than taking up the sport of golf. Not only will you stimulate yourself by learning a challenging sport but you will also meet individuals by networking that will help you advance both personally and professionally. From the outsider’s point of view, the game of golf looks relatively straightforward. Hit the ball into the cup in the ground with fewer swings than your opponent, and you win. However, there is more to golf than meets the eye. This brief post will teach you the fundamental practices, methods, and the proper etiquette that you must know as a woman to be successful.

Getting Acquainted With the Basics

The first skill you must learn before stepping foot on a golf course are the essential steps of a golf swing. It is ideal if you call up a golf course near you and ask them if they instructors that teach beginners. An instructor will be able to teach you how to swing properly and also give you feedback on how you can improve. Make sure that your tutor is a professional certified by one of the major golf organizations such as the PGA, Professional Golf Teachers Association of America or the LPGA Teaching Club. If you have no success with this idea, your last resort would be to find a golf school which many cities have. Just be for certain that they are accredited by at least one of the above organizations.

Purchasing Golf Clubs

Many novices make the mistake of going all out and buying an expensive set of professional golf clubs. Go for a beginner set, and once you improve your skills, you can buy yourself more advanced clubs. When going to the shop, make sure you visit a store that allows you to test the feel of your clubs. Start off by messing around with a six iron and make sure it is labeled “L” for ladies because they are the most adaptable. Take the set of clubs that feel the best in your hands when you grip them, and you can’t go wrong. Lastly, don’t waste your time buying each club separately. Save time and buy yourself a reputable set for beginners that is highly rated. I highly recommend you click here to see what real quality clubs look like.

Pre-game Pointers

The biggest blunder you can make is going out there to play without warming up first. Take ten to twenty minutes to stretch every part of your body, take a 3-minute quick run and practice your swings. Many courses have little practice areas where you can hit a few before you start your game.

Support For Women

It can be difficult at first when you are a female rookie but don’t let that get you down. The support network is extensive, and many people will be willing to help you if you can prove that you are serious. To study the best courses in the United States, I highly recommend Golf Diget’s yearly list of top 50 golf courses for women.

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