What Are The 5 Best Golf Exercises For Women?

5 Best Golf Exercises For Women

(#5 Is The Most Powerful)

Many people think that golf is a game that doesn’t require strength. And this is one of the reasons why golfers are not considered to be athletes. But you should know that a golf swing is an incredibly demanding physical movement. So in this article, I’m going to list down the five best golf exercises for women.

Golf is a sport that requires neuromuscular training, joint flexibility, and muscular strength. It demands you to strike that optimal balance between stability and mobility. This also means that you need to have a good set of golf shoes for support.

So what I’ve done is discussed the top five exercises for golf. Some of them are golf-specific while the others are general in nature. But all in all, they help a great deal in hitting that ball straighter and farther. They also contribute to improving your golf swing along with reducing the chances of developing injuries.

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#1 High Cable Rotation Press

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I would like to begin by stating that for every type of physical training, you need proper golf shoes. And if by any chance you have flat feet, then you should buy the most comfortable cross training shoes for flat feet. These are ideal for physical training despite fallen arches.

Now, let’s get to the point. High cable rotation press is considered to be one of the best core strengthening exercises for golfers. It prepares your torso muscles to obtain that perfect golf swing.

Your core should be flexible and strong enough to handle the rotational power of a golf swing. So feel free to use the cable machine to perform powerful twisting exercises that replicate the golf swing movement.

#2 Pushups

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More often than not, the top five best golf exercises for women do not include pushups. And I don’t understand why pushups are not a part of physical golf training. It’s like heading to the beach for a tan without applying an outdoor tanning lotion. Pushups are essential golf core exercises for more power.

In the pushup position, you lift the midsection along with the rest of your body by keeping your arms engaged. This results in making the whole body work throughout the process. And if this doesn’t strengthen your core muscles, then I don’t know what does!

#3 Squats

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Overall body strength is necessary if you’re a regular at the golf course. Playing even a single round of golf can be physically challenging. And lets’ not forget about walking the course with the best beginner golf clubs for women.

To be able to perform these movements effortlessly, you need to work on your spine, knees, gluteal muscles, and legs. And squats are the best way to do that. Just make sure that you don’t extend your knees beyond the feet. You can do as many as five sets of 10 reps to make those muscles stronger.

#4 Plank

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The position requires you to lift your midsection using your toes and elbows. The pelvic area needs to tilt forward to keep the back straight. This is when the glutes squeeze together while keeping the abs engaged. Once you achieve such a position, you can relax your legs, shoulders, and arms. But this is easier said than done, right?

The plank is considered to be one of the best exercises for a golf swing. And that’s because it goes a long way in strengthening your core muscles. Particularly the ones in the torso region, which are essential to creating a well-balanced golf swing.

We’ve completed 4 out of the five best golf exercises for women. Now it’s time to discuss the last one on the list.

#5 Pilates

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There’s nothing better than Pilates when it comes to improving your physical strength for the fun and challenging sport.

Do you know what golf is? It’s a game of multi-directional stress and asymmetry. As a golfer, I’m sure you know the number of times you have to perform that oblique curl to your left. This is where spinal rotation exercises can help to a great extent. And Pilates offer just that.

The exercise is responsible for de-rotating your spinal imbalance along with realigning core muscles. Even something as simple as proper foot placement and standing alignment stabilizes the foundation of a golf swing.

Also, here’s the best part. Pilates involves weight-shifting movements that improve your sense of balance. And we’re all aware of how beneficial that is when it comes to producing a well-balanced golf swing action.

So the next time you think of doing something to improve golf scores, you need to do more than just buy the best golf tees or clubs. You might want to consider doing pilates.

Wrap Up Time!

To sum it up, golf training programs for a professional and amateur player are just the same. All the movements involved are sports-specific. They are suitable to meet the requirements of that perfect golf swing.

You should also know that exercises for golf swing flexibility, balance, and strength help with other aspects of life too. They can be useful for everyday tasks such as running errands, working for longer hours, or even riding a pit bike.

So you can always turn to these five best golf exercises for women to make yourself stronger in every way.

I hope you found what you were looking for in the article. Is there anything that you think I failed to discuss here? Please let me know. You can leave your honest feedback in the comments section below.

Happy Golfing!

About the author: Felicia Taylor, the founder of GolferHill, is an athletic golfer who has been playing professional golf ever since she was in college. Her passion and love for the game encouraged her to achieve most of her professional goals at a very young age. And this led her to train with many professional golfers. So her goal now is to share her expertise by writing articles about everything golf.


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  1. Plank is definitely my favorite. Can do it everywhere i want. Plus you can increase time each time you do it which is great for progress. By the way high cable rotation press is good exercise that i always practice in Crossfit. Thanks for sharing, Mina!

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