5 Quick Ways To Improve Your Posture

5 Quick Ways To Improve Your Posture

It is important to try and maintain a perfect posture. Slouching over has never been an attractive look! Even in the old days, people tried to correct poor posture by balancing books on their heads! Thankfully, we don’t have to resort to this method these days. There are plenty of ways you can prevent yourself from being affected by bad posture. If you already slouch and have a less than desirable, there is still plenty you can do to correct how you hold yourself. Here are five quick ways to make a difference.

Take A Break From Your Computer

This is especially important if your job involves sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day. Make sure you take plenty of breaks and go for a walk around the office. Go for a quick walk around your house if you work from home. When we are working at a computer, we usually hunch over the screen. This can course our spine to curve unnaturally. If you stay in this curved position for a prolonged period of time, your spine will eventually become used to it. It will then be less likely to straighten out when you stand up.

Yoga and Pilates

If you already suffer from bad posture, you can help improve it by stretching out your back. Exercise techniques such as Yoga and Pilates are fantastic to relieve any stress and tension in the muscles that support your spine. Some of the best stretches for realigning spines and hips are the plank and the bridge.

Sleep Well

If your mattress is way too soft and squishy, your back and neck won’t be correctly supported while you sleep. If they aren’t given enough support, you will wake up with numerous aches and pains. Overtime, your posture will worsen as a result. There are many different things to consider when weighing up the big pocket sprung vs cage sprung mattresses debate. One of the easiest ways to find out which mattress is best for you is to visit a mattress shop and test some out.

Spread Your Balance Evenly

When we stand up, we normally lean on one leg, as it can be more comfortable when we are standing for long periods of time. However, this can cause unnecessary stress on our muscles and can encourage uneven hips to develop. Most of us regularly stand with your weight on one leg without noticing. If you do, start incorporating exercises that strengthen your lower back into your workout routine.

Don’t Check Your Phone So Often

When we look at our phones, we often hunch over them Just like we do when we are working at a computer. Again, exercises can help relieve any stress from your neck muscles caused by checking your phone. Stretching your chest out can also help as this will strengthen the muscles that support your neck.

Taking care of your posture now will make you less likely to develop back problems in old age. So it’s certainly worth stretching out your back regularly. You won’t even have to try and balance a book on your head!

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