Got Some Free Time? Why Not Start A Mom Blog?

Got Some Free Time? Why Not Start A Mom Blog?

OK, so if you’re a mom with young kids, you probably laughed at the title of this post. Who has time to create, maintain, and update a blog when you have so much else to do?! Well, the truth is, plenty of parents manage to use their free time to start successful blogs. And, if you think you have a story to tell and have a love of writing, then there’s no reason you can’t start one, too. Let’s take a closer look at how to use your free time better by blogging – who knows where it might take you?

First steps

First of all, it’s important to get into the habit of recording your day-to-day activities. When you have young children, everything has a habit of blending into one long moment. But, when you start looking a little closer, your day will have hundreds of unique, funny, or testing moments. Write them down when they happen, and you will soon have a notepad full of interesting subjects to write about. And, there’s a good chance there will be thousands of other moms in your same position. Why not start telling your stories, instead of forgetting them?

Find an angle

Once you start listing your favorite incidents of the day, you will soon see what kind of mom blog you will be. You might be a tidy mom, with hundreds of ideas of how to keep the house clean. And, we can almost guarantee there will be millions out there who will appreciate those kinds of tips! You can also be an angry mom. As long as you keep things humorous, there is an enormous market for those stories, too. You can even be a lousy mom, and describe all the difficulties you come across. And, pretty soon, you’ll realize you are just a regular mom – and that everyone else is going through the same issues.

Get the tech

The next step is to set up your site. You can use a free blogging platform to get started – there are plenty around to choose from. But, we recommend taking the most professional route. Find a domain name that suits the style of your blog. Head over to GoDaddy or a similar alternative and make sure it is available. If it’s unique enough, it will only cost you a few dollars, and you are already on your way. GoDaddy also offers hosting service, which you will need to run your blog. Again, there are alternatives, so take a look around. Then it’s just a case of signing up for WordPress and choosing a template. It’s that simple to get started – and all you need to do is write.


Once you have a few dozen blog posts in place, it’s time to market your blog. Look into SEO techniques, and also set up channels on social media, to share your best work. It will take time, of course. But, if you need some help, you can check out our guide for more details. The main thing to understand is that if your voice catches on, you could make an honest living out of this. And all for recording your day-to-day life, aches, and pains! Give it a try – and let us know the results!  

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