Best Places for Women to Travel Solo

Best Places for Women to Travel Solo

We can all agree that our passion for travel knows no end. This means that sometimes we need to go it alone, into the unknown, in order to reach the destination of our dreams. Still, traveling alone is different than traveling with a companion, and can sometimes even be a dangerous adventure, especially if you are a woman. Luckily, not all travel knows the meaning of the word danger, and some popular destinations embrace their inner girl power, making them the best places for women to travel solo.

Okinawa, JapanOkinawa, Japan

While you might associate Japan with the overcrowded streets of Tokyo, Okinawa is a totally different story. First off, the capital city of Naha is easy to access from the airport via Okinawa’s monorail, with a transit time of just 13 minutes. However, once you arrive, you will want to do your sight-seeing on foot, since everything is within walking distance, including Shuri Castle, the Naminoue city beach, the Tsuboya pottery district and the Makishi Public Market. Makishi is also a great place to get a taste of true Japanese cuisine, while dining alone won’t be a problem, since the pull-out chair stands were made for such a holiday treat.

Reykjavik, IcelandReykjavik, Iceland

An out-of-this-world adventure awaits any solo traveler choosing to visit Reykjavik in the summer. Just imagine drinking cocktails in the Midnight Sun at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon hot spring, waiting for the sun to set at 3 AM. Reykjavik is also a great starting point if you want to go for a road trip around the entire island, and take in the splendid panorama. On your way, you will be pleased to find that company is scarce. When you do stumble upon a friendly face, it is likely to be a fellow female backpacker taking the sights around the hard-to-pronounce volcanoes, like Eyjafjallajökull. Reykjavik also has a high gender equality rate, and one the lowest crime rates in the world, allowing you to feel 100% safe at all times.

Nouméa, New CaledoniaNouméa, New Caledonia

New Caledonia walking holidays all start in Nouméa. The Grand Terre’s largest city is the perfect tropical getaway for solo travelers looking to have fun in the sun and explore New Cal’s blend of French and Melanesian culture. A quick stop at Jean-Marie Tijabou’s Cultural Center will give you a glimpse into the island’s art and history, while you also shouldn’t miss out on the local nightlife, which features the seductive sounds of reggae-jazz, fused with traditional pilou beats. Nouméa also gets a good rep for being female-friendly, which is deeply rooted in Caillou culture. This is especially true during meal time, when women are always the first ones to be served.

Wellington, New ZealandWellington, New Zealand

New Zealand was the first country in the world to give women the right to vote, making it a must-visit destination for solo lady travelers. With no language barrier between you and the Kiwi’s open attitude towards tourists (as long as you don’t diss the All Blacks), you will have no problem finding your way from Cuba Street and Te Papa to Weta Cave and the Lord of the Rings film set. As a solo traveler looking to try the best of Kiwi cuisine, all you will need is a plate at the famous Visa Wellington on a Plate Food Festival. On the other hand, you might also want to try out bungee jumping – a truly unique adrenaline-pumping activity native to this amazing city.

Seattle, WashingtonSeattle, Washington, USA

Unlike the rest of the US, Seattle is tailor-made to suit wanderlusters looking to travel solo. The main reason  lies in Seattle’s coffee culture. In every dinner or coffee shop, there is at least one person sitting alone, enjoying a classic cup of Joe. It is also really easy to get around the city via the Link light train, while downtown Seattle is so tight that you can get from the Space Needle to the EMP Museum and the Pike Place Market on foot.

Dubrovnik, CroatiaDubrovnik, Croatia

In recent years, Croatia’s Adriatic coast around Dubrovnik has become a hot-spot for travelers from all over the world. Although tourists initially flock to get a glimpse of the sights featured in the Game of Thrones, many are later awe-struck by the sheer beauty of Dubrovnik’s walls. While Stradun (the main street in Old Town) features many tourist traps, it also leads to a maze of narrow cobbled streets where you might find an ideal little Mediterranean tavern with a table for one already set. These small streets also tend to lead to secluded rocky beaches, ideal for anyone looking for some alone time in the sun and crystal clear sea.

There you have it – the ideal tourist destinations for any woman looking to travel solo. All you need to do now is choose your journey’s end, pack up and enjoy it all by yourself!

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  1. I am a backpacker and often go solo when traveling. Sometimes it’s really frightening to go to a place that you are not familiar with eventhough you made a thorough research and got some information from travelers who already went there.
    Finding this post really made my options widen especially there are a lot of things to consider when you travel especially when you are a woman.
    Bless the person who made this. And oh, Okinawa Japan is definitely a must go to place. Their culture is pretty wonderful!

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