Can You Be Chic and Wear Organic Clothes?

Can You Be Chic and Wear Organic Clothes

The interesting thing about fashion is that it requires a certain skill. While anyone can wear things that are currently trending, a true fashionista knows their fabrics, has an eye for aesthetics, and is mindful about what they wear. It’s not just about passing fads and shopping whenever you get the chance, and it’s not about listening to the companies who tell you what you have to wear and how you need to wear it. A stylish person is chic, elegant, and beautiful because they make smart choices in fashion, and because they know sustainability isn’t just an obstacle in picking wardrobe. So, can you look good in clothes that are organic? You absolutely can, so let us tell you why.

Organic clothing is better for the planetOrganic clothing is better for the planet

It takes a lot of pesticides and chemicals to grow cotton, and since it’s produced in such large amounts it also takes up a lot of space. Sometimes those chemicals leek into the soil, damaging it. To grow more sustainable things such as bamboo, you need a lot less irrigation, less chemical pesticides, and to top it off, it produces about 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. Hemp is another versatile, cost-effective plant that has similar benefits to bamboo, and both of these can easily be renewed. They help us make sturdy, quality fabrics that can easily be used to manufacture organic clothes.

It’s better for people

Since fewer pesticides, dyes, and processing chemicals are needed to make these plants into a fabric, organic clothing will contain fewer toxic materials and they won’t have a damaging effect on your body. These kind of clothes are also breathable and light, and they’re good at keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. And of course, buying sustainable materials also means you’ll be enjoying a more ethical kind of fashion. There won’t be any sweatshop labor, the workers will produce it under safe conditions, and they will be paid a fair wage for their effort. It feels a lot better to wear something that wasn’t made by a person who had to slave away for barely any compensation to make you that one t-shirt.

It can make you feel sexier than you’ve ever felt

You shouldn’t worry about organic fashion not looking trendy or cute enough for you to wear. While you might be imagining endless rows of boring garments, in reality, the industry has taken giant leaps and there are a lot of stylish options. From harem pants to sleek leggings and activewear to make your workouts a joy, to a sexy g-string that you can wear to feel both comfortable and sensual. You’ll have clothes that not only look good, but feel good on your body.

It will last longer

How many times have you bought a bunch of cheap t-shirts on a sale only to have them stretch out, become misshapen, and somehow develop a bunch of random holes in just a few months? Clothing that is mass produced is usually of very poor quality, so even though you might be paying less to get it, it doesn’t last and you have to keep repurchasing things. That’s why “mircoseasons” are a thing in fashion right now. You’re made to feel like you’re out of trend practically a few weeks after you purchase something, so you have to always keep buying new things. Clothes fall apart, and you end up giving away more money than if you were to simply purchase something of better quality. Organic fabrics let you have garments that will last for a long time, and if you pick timeless pieces you never have to worry about looking outdated.

It shows you are a responsible consumerIt shows you are a responsible consumer

Not only will your clothes be more personal and unique, but you’ll show a level of commitment to the betterment of humankind. It shows you’re not willing to sacrifice morals for a shiny garment, and it shows you’re skilled enough of a fashionista to make fashion happen anytime, anywhere. Environmental issues aren’t something that will go away in a few years. Unless we’re careful, they’re here to stay, and purchasing the right kind of clothes is one step towards making our surroundings better and more pleasant to live in.

We hope that answers your question. Yes, you can be chic in organic clothing, possibly more than you ever thought you could be. The fabrics are not only sustainable, but fashionable as well. So, if you’re looking for new garments to update your wardrobe, this is where you can start.

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