Car Organization Made Easy

Car Organization Made Easy

When it comes to our cars, they can very quickly begin to be an extension of our handbags. Receipts find their way to the floor, food wrappers tucked into the side of the door, and if you have kids in the back, there can be a myriad of items strewn everywhere. But it doesn’t have to be like that! You can spend just a few hours and revolutionize the organization of your car.

Inside every glove box, you should have a folder that is filled with your cars details. You driving license and paper part, insurance policy documents, the following important numbers, and contacts:

If you have any medical conditions, you should have a list of your medication within easy reach. If you ever have an accident, you can be sure that everything is within easy reach.

car organization made easy
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When it comes to junk in the trunk, busy families can get these stacked up so fast. From spare shoes, and muddy boots to the reusable grocery bags and jackets. If this sounds like you then it might be time to invest in a trunk organization bin. They have compartments for everything and will stop things rolling around as you go about your daily life. Particularly great for those days you have sports clubs, and you need to stop by a store and pick things up.

Cars tend to have a smell very specific to the family that uses them. Trainers, damp clothes and food remnants can leave a sour smell in the air. Invest in a couple of nice air fresheners – specifically the ones that plug into the air vents so the scent can circulate around the car.

When it comes to a long journey, it can be a pain in the butt to have kids reaching and grabbing things. Not to mention the potential safety issues if they move their car seats or belts a little too much. Create a back seat organizer that holds stuff like books, pens and felts, small long life snacks, tissues, and baby wipes. That way once something has been used it can be put away neatly, and everything is within easy reach.

If you are partial to using the drive-thru, but there is always someone spilling a drink in the car, then you should think about buying some universal cup holders. Or, using a muffin tray and a small box you can quickly create your own cup holder.

If you have change flying around all over the floor of the car, then it is time to take a stand! Grab an empty gum container and clean it out. These make the perfect holder for your spare change.

Create your own in-car emergency kit. This can go in the glove box with your important documents. It simply means that you can concentrate on driving and your front passenger can be useful when needed. You should pop in things like emergency medication, painkillers, hair clips and bands, hand sanitizer, plasters, glue, a mini sewing kit, and some gum.

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