Bag Your Next Set Of Wheels With Confidence

Bag Your Next Set Of Wheels With Confidence

Choosing a car isn’t easy. Especially when you’re surrounded by gender stereotypes from the very same companies producing them. While some car makers lead you to believe that women prefer compact, pretty and less powerful vehicles, others ignore female drivers altogether. Surprising, given that there are more licensed women drivers across all age groups in the US than men, only making them the number one customer in the automotive industry. That’s why it’s important to remember who’s in the driving seat when choosing your next set of wheels.

Number one drivers and customers

Women are driving more than ever before, which is partly due to the fact that they have more spending power and independence. They are the world’s most powerful consumers and decision makers when it comes to household purchases. In fact, a huge 85% of car buying decisions are made by women.

What you really want when choosing a car

Something new. A huge 62% of all new cars sold in the US are bought by women. But when it comes to model, color, make…well, they take a back seat to a how practical a vehicle is. It’s less about aesthetics, which may surprise some in the auto industry, and more about how reliable and spacious it is. While statistics show that most women are likely to choose utilitarian-type vehicles, like compact cars and SUVs, there’s been a sharp rise in ladies opting for trucks to suit their lifestyle. In fact, full-sized pickups registered by women increased 67% between 2008 and 2016.

Making the final decision

Firstly, ignore the stereotypes that you see in advertising campaigns. Even though women are gaining ground as consumers in the automotive industry, there’s still a long way to go before car makers appeal to both men and women. Secondly, pick a vehicle that suits your lifestyle or, if you have complete freedom, one that reflects your personality. Whether you’re driven by the power and storage of a pickup truck, or drawn to the streamline design of a sports car, then let this be a guide to making your final decision.

Time to seal the deal

Now that you know the type of vehicle you’re interested in, all that’s left to do is the research. Women often worry about being patronized or taken advantage of when buying a car, so it’s important to have all the facts before you walk into your local dealership. And even if you do feel intimidated, don’t let it show – If you look confident then you’ll feel more confident when buying your new set of wheels.

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