Should you Consider a Cheaper Menstrual Cup?

Should you Consider a Cheaper Menstrual Cup?

If you want to control your flow without any embarrassing “accidents” while also maintain a tight budget, then you’re probably thinking about buying yourself a decent enough menstrual cup. While you want something affordable, you don’t want anything too cheap or generic.

And the question that is likely roaming around your head at the moment is: Is a cheaper menstrual product the right thing for me? In case you don’t know, that question also includes the long-term benefits of using the product rather than just its price tag – we’re talking about safety.

Now we’re not saying that menstrual products are bad in general if that’s what you got from our writing. We just want you to be informed about the kind of menstrual cup products that are sold from untrustworthy brands because they could eventually be harmful to your health.

So how do you tell a good product from a bad one and how you can also tell whether a brand evokes trust and credibility? The answer lies in this article. Just follow the recommended procedures and your vagina will love you forever.

What To Look For In Menstrual Cups

Here are some of the most important questions you should ask yourself when thinking about buying a menstrual cup:

  • Where did this product ship out from?
  • Can I afford this product?
  • How much am I willing to spend on this cup?
  • Which are the most important design aspects to look for?
  • Do I need a vegan- or environmentally-friendly product?
  • What’s the right size for me?

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Questions Regarding the Menstrual Cup Company

  • Do they provide customer service?
  • What is their return policy?
  • What do people say about their reputation online?
  • Does the company honor good company values?

Definitive Signs of a Credible Company

  • Their website does look trustworthy (this may be more of a subjective thing, but sometimes you can go with your gut when there’s a common pattern to it).
  • All of their company information, product information (like how the product is made), and returns policies are clearly stated.
  • Their website and social media contact information are provided and operating.
  • Not only are their social media accounts are active, but they also engage and respond to the queries and posts of their customers
  • They get great customer reviews, especially on Amazon and forums.
  • Other renowned brands have tried, written and reviewed the product.

What are Menstrual Cups Made From?

Another crucial bit that you need to be wary of, is the material that menstrual cups are made from. Like how would you know if they’re safe to use, certified and are of high-quality? The quality varies with every country, but the ones to keep an eye out for are those that are FDA-approved and BPA-free.

Danger Signs of a Controversial Company

  • They use low-quality pictures of their products on their website.
  • Their website, store listing and other channels are bombarded with spelling errors. Yes, it’s a human error that anyone can make, but that’s why it’s good practice to go back and do some proofreading.
  • They have mediocre or non-genuine reviews at online stores or other places. Some companies are known for filling their website with forged or fake reviews as well, especially ones of other products.
  • Finding information about their company is much harder outside of their own store listing.
  • They are very hard to get in touch with as they have no valid contact information.
  • They only say that they’re cheaper than other products but never back it up.
  • They don’t even take the time to respond to any message or reviews on their website or social media profiles. If they do, they’re usually cold and rude.

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