Challenging the Past to Change the Future [Infographic]

Challenging the Past to Change the Future

History-related subjects can be difficult to measure when it comes to how effective they are. After all, learning about old wars and societies can often feel like a waste of time, especially if you’re not interested in it. However, studying and challenging the past can actually be a great way to change how we approach the future.

This is because studying the past helps us study how people acted and reacted to certain conditions, and it also gives us an idea of how we can change in order to better the future of our communities, our nation and our world.

The study of people

Examining history helps us study people, their conditions and how they will react to certain circumstances. By challenging these past actions and understanding how they came to be, we’re able to learn more about people and how they’re motivated. This helps us get a much better view of the human condition and allows us to make beneficial changes for the future by looking at the past.

The study of society

Challenging societal concepts in the past can lead to a better future if we look at them objectively. A great example is in the treatment of women in the past, the motivations for it and also how we can change in order to give women more opportunities and support to balance our nation’s workforce. We’ve added a great example below of women in the military, the progress we’ve made to introduce more women into these roles and what we can expect to see in the future.

Infographic by Norwich University

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