Does He Deserve You?

Does He Deserve You?

Love is something the world needs a little more of. Thankfully, it’s something we can easily practice in our everyday lives. We love our parents, we love our friends, we love our children, we even love our dogs to bits and would do anything for them! But when it comes to romantic love, there’s a lot of scary things you can feel or think could happen; it’s OK to be worried, but if it’s holding back your happiness, now’s the time to stop!

If you’re someone who recently went through a break up, and your ex partner is doing everything they can to try and get you back on their side again, or you’re nervous about entering a relationship with someone because you don’t know what to expect, this is the time to figure out if they deserve you! Here’s a couple of questions to ask yourself before taking the leap.

Does He Give You Respect?

Let’s face it, finding a guy that properly respects you (asks your opinion, opens the door for you, always puts you first etc.) is hard. It’s very likely that the new guy in your life is nothing like the one you had before, and you have no idea how to handle that. But this is your chance to try out a relationship with someone who gives you all the respect you deserve!

During the moments when you’re apprehensive about entering a new relationship, you might find yourself cruising sites that tell you how to get an ex back; stop yourself right there! Now’s the time to let yourself be treated like a lady, and have someone on your arm who’s going to take you wherever you want to go; for example, if he’s booked a fancy restaurant and you feel like you won’t fit in, he won’t get annoyed about it. He’ll be just as happy to grab a burger from a drive thru with you!

Does He Like to Surprise You?

If your new man likes to surprise you, and brings you flowers and chocolates and something he saw in a shop window that reminds him of you, now’s the time to jump into his arms and never look back! It can sound a little shallow, but when he surprises you in the right way, it means his feelings are sincere and you’ve got a great chance to carve out a life with him.

And by that, we mean he doesn’t just bring flashy things with a big price tag. It’s always nice to be with someone who’ll wine and dine you at every opportunity, but when he’s standing on your doorstep with a new edition of the book you love or a cheesy cat figurine he saw in a thrift store he knew would make you laugh, it’s for real!

Does he deserve you? Only you can say! But if does anything like the things listed above, there’s a good chance you’ve scored a winner here; take the leap and enjoy it!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash.

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